Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spreadin' round the world like a wild disease....

It's been at least a year since Dan Phillips posted both sides of this 45 as part of his fabulous Bo-Consciousness series. Just in case some of ya'll missed it then, I thought I'd offer up the record yet again.

This is one of four 45's Chris Kenner made with Eddie Bo. Why it's credited to "Candy" Phillips is anyone's guess, but according to Dan the record was part of the deal Atlantic made with Jack Banashak for the pre-existing Kenner sides on Instant which they gathered into the "Land Of A Thousand Dances" album. This dates the 45 as being from 1965, which is earlier than many had thought, and also invalidates any theory that the "Candy" Phillips credit might be some kind of Bo/Kenner originated joke passed off on an unwitting Atlantic at a later date.

Presumably Atlantic wanted a new single from Kenner as part of the deal, and this wacked-out 45 is what they got. While it may seem unlikely that Atlantic would go ahead and issue the record after deciding they didn't want it associated with their other Kenner releases, I think that's exactly what happened.

In short, I think someone at Atlantic decided the song was too raunchy for their intended market, and slapped a pseudonym on it in much the same way as was done to certain "party" records cut by other artists. Not that this record even comes close to being dirty, but the name "Candy" Phillips does help a bit with the association.

Ok, I just said the record isn't dirty, but ya know what? is. While virtually every dance craze record ever made plays off some kind sexual double-entendre, this one explodes that conceit by making the "dance" itself so intentionally laughable that all thats left is Kenner's drunken lechery for the girl in the green dress who's "chopping down trees all night". In my opinion, anyone who takes lyrics like these as anything other than a smutty joke is just being obtuse.

Then again, I don't know that too many folks agree with me, soooo maybe I'm the one with the dirty mind.


  1. Great record! Love how the background vocals replicate the sound of the axe going down.
    BTW Still recovering from your white whale post...
    Happy New Year and may 2011 bring you at least a few on that list in addition to the greatest present of all which is already a given.
    All the best to the expanding family!!!!

  2. WoW!
    How'd I overlook this gem?!? I thought I had everything by dear Mr.Kenner.... Now I must. And Part 2.. It could almost be a Mar-Keys record in disguise !
    Thanks so much!