Sunday, December 19, 2010

Move groove!

Lord 'a mercy. I finally scored myself a copy of this 45. Possibly even over-paid for it just because I was getting tired of having copies slip through my grasp [although I'm totally grateful to the Ebay seller who graded this copy as VG-, which it totally ain't]. But ya know, I also think this is a record which should be worth in excess of $100 just because it's soooo very good and probably rarer than many folks imagine. Actually, everything on the Tou-Sea label is pretty damn hard to find. [not that all of it is good]

Once again, I have the pleasure of sending you over to Dan Phillips for the serious scoop.

In case I haven't said as much recently, I'll remind ya'll that I'm just a student of guys like Dan. Maybe some day I'll grow up enough to get past being astounded by the records themselves and write something worth reading. Stranger things have happened.

In the mean time, hope this rips ya'lls head off.....'cause it sure as fuck does a number on mine.


  1. Okay, you cursed, so I can - right? That's some serious shit you got there...

  2. Pure heat.
    Let me go hit that "Saved Searches" right about now....
    VG-? Sounds mighty fine to me.

  3. Sure as fuck - indeed! (you gonna kiss your baby with that mouth?!)

    Don't know whether to boogaloo or shingaling here - better just lay back, relax, and let the groove move me.

    This is about as badass as it gets, no joke. Thanks!