Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Music Box

Here's a few clips associated with what was by far and away my favorite music concert/experience of the year. The Music Box was beautiful on a hundred different levels, but most of all it was just plain fun.

The Dithyrambalina site has a lot of information, nice pictures, and also links to recordings made of each of the three performances. Unfortunately, those recordings do not really capture the experience. Truly one of those times ya just had to be there.

Happy New Year Ya'll.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Turn the record over...Part 2

I didn't really plan it this way, but here are the flip-sides of three already posted 45s....all arranged by Wardell Quezerque.

1. "I Don't Need You Anymore" by Willie Harper. While I understand that not everyone loves ballads the way I do, this one is just too gorgeous to pass up. That line, "tired of your cheating, your lies....misusing me", gets to me every single time I hear it. The flip is Harper's stunning, slowed down, version of "A Certain Girl".

2. "Bottom Of My Soul" by Alvin Robinson. The flip is a cover of Earl King's "Come On [Let The Good Times Roll]" that's so good I'm never sure I don't think it's better than either version by King himself. "Bottom Of My Soul" is to my mind one of those absolutely perfect tunes. Certainly one of Robinson's best.

3. "Robert & W.Q's Train" by Robert Parker. This is the instrumental track to "Funky Soul Train".....which might just be the rarest record I own [although probably not worth all that much]. I'm not usually a fan of slapping backing tracks on b-sides, but this one is worthy of exception. And it seems like Mr. Q must have agreed as I don't think any of his instrumental tracks show up on any other 45s.

Hope ya'll enjoy.....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Turn the record over....

Sorry to be away for so long. I'm totally swamped with social obligations, have been all month. This will likely continue through Mardi Gras.
Here's some of the many flip-sides I meant to post and never got around to. Just a little present for ya'll. I'll try to put up some more tomorrow.

1. "I Got Love" by Jackie Avery. A nice little funky number that may not knock you out like it's flip-side, but given how good "Understanding" is, it says quite a lot that this cut ever gets played at all. Is this recording available any place else?

2. "Something Ought To Be Done [About You]" by Jessie Hill. I'm a huge fan of everything Jessie Hill and Mac Rebennack recorded together and this is no exception. The flip-side, "My Children, My Children", was one of the first cuts I posted on the blog. Most copies you see of this 45 are one-sided promos pressed without this tune.

3. "Eddy's Go-Go Train" by Eddy Giles. I actually bought this 45 for this song in particular, but when I heard the flip-side, "While I'm Away", I fell in love with it...and thus that's the side that got posted. Always meant to get back to this one. Truly killer stuff.

Best wishes to everyone. Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Howard Tate: RIP

I'm at a loss for words.......

[but Larry Grogan's got a very nice piece up, here.]