Friday, December 24, 2010

Records that drive me crazy....

As ya'll may have noticed I don't do the Christmas music thing. I'm more prone to playing very old recordings this time of year. Just a matter of mood.

Another thing I don't do is a yearly Top Ten list, mainly because if you've been following the blog then you've probably already heard them, and yeah, I'm "retro" enough that I don't often listen to contemporary recordings.

Anyway, instead of a Top Ten I thought I'd post a selection of 45's I don't own.....a list of some of my "white whales", super elusive beasties all. Some aren't really available, most are very expensive if found, all of them drive me bonkers.

1. Ball And Chain, by Guitar Ray. I've only seen one totally beat up copy of this 45. It sold for over $100. In my opinion, a major league stunner of a tune.

2. ZuZu Man, by The ZuZu Blues Band. Actually a recording made by Jessie Hill and Mac Rebennack, Mac played most of the instruments. Very few copies around and very expensive when found. My only hope is that I'll stumble on one in a flea market.

3. I Won't Cry [I'll Just Laugh Myself To Death], by Doug Anderson. This is a 45 which I'm certain I'll find fairly soon, but it bothers me that I haven't yet. Sought after by Eddie Bo fans for the flip-side funk jam, I want it for this incredible non-Bo related deep soul cut. Nothing is known about Anderson, although I'm of the opinion that Lynn Williams and Reggie Hines were involved in the project, just as they were with the "James K-Nine" 45 on the Federal label [it too has a mysterious a-side backed by an Eddie Bo jam].

4. Save Me, by James Knight & The Butlers. A very serious rarity, one I'm unlikely to ever own, but a girl can dream, can't she? Even beat up copies sell for a lot of cash.

5. I Love You Baby, by Ella Brown. Someone offered a copy of this on Ebay awhile back via what amounted to a blind silent auction. I thought it such BS that I didn't participate. Chances are I didn't have near enough money anyway. I'd probably even buy a totally unplayable copy of this if I found one. Make a nice wall ornament if nothing else.

6. I've Got What You Need, by Mary Jane Hooper. Reportedly a 45 of this tune was released, but I don't believe it for a second. Maybe if I'm a good girl, I'll be allowed to play an original copy in heaven.

7. All I Ask Of You, by Eddie Bo. Actually kind of a trick choice because the flip-side "Skate It Out" is monstrously good too. In my opinion the most beautiful song Eddie Bo ever wrote. A friend owns a copy of the 45, I'm hoping he'll leave it to me in his will. This rip undoubtedly comes from Larry Grogan. Hope he doesn't mind me using it? It's the only copy I have.

8. Black Samson Theme, by Allen Toussaint with vocals by Willie West. If there's a soundtrack recording of the movie this cut comes from, I don't think anyone's ever found it. This rip comes from Dan Phillips. As I recall, a friend of his made it off a VHS copy of the movie. I hope Dan doesn't mind that I'm posting it, his link is long dead.

9. I Love You Still, by Zilla Mayes. This is the un-comped, genuine release version of this song, not the alt version issued on the old collection "Sehorn's Soul Farm". Another one I'm sure I'll find soon enough, and when I do, my cold dead hands will have to be pried off in order to take it from me. Zilla Mayes was a pioneering female DJ in Atlanta who only occasionally recorded, this is her only record with Allen Toussaint. Unless you own the 45, I doubt you've heard this before.

10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright, by Robert Moore. Another super rarity. It commonly sells for between $400-$500 [if you're lucky]. While I'd love to have this record, it's awfully easy to settle for either the version by Ria Currie or Moore's own "Make it Alright", both issued/reissued on the Freestyle 45 label. They sell for $5 to $7 each.

11. Understanding, by Jackie Avery. I threw this one in 'cause I didn't want to totally cave to the Top Ten thing. Avery was Ella Brown's husband. I've only seen one copy. I have no idea what it might sell for, but I suspect it would be several hundred dollars.

Hope ya'll enjoy. Have a wonderful holiday.

[How annoying, the files are downloading without the artists names attached. I'm sorry, you'll have to add them yourself as I don't have time to re-do everything right now]

[I lifted the woodcut of Moby Dick from the very nice blog The Shelia Variations]


  1. What a wonderful share. Killer cuts through and through. That Doug Anderson deal is riveting stuff. Thank you for this and every last morsel.

  2. I kept hoping I'd see something on your list that I had... but alas it is all new on me. Good luck to you in finding these... I was actually able to knock off two of my big wants this year... which was offset by the addition of a trio of local r&b 45s I was previously unaware of...

    Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Ana-B...

  3. thnx 4 these goodies!
    couldn't dwnld Black Samson, final link don't work.
    Do you have some Syl Johnson to share?

  4. gilhodges....Totally agree about the Doug Anderson. I'm kind of hoping this spurs Joe over at Black Gold to post his copy. Silly boy is either sitting on the monster or hasn't bothered to flip the record over.

    Westex...I too found a few serious "wants" this year, including a couple just last month. In fact, it's been a very good year digging wise. The funny thing is, the three rarest records I've picked up were had for under $5.....of course, I also set a new high in terms of what I've paid.

  5.'re most welcome.Try the downloads again in a bit, both are working just fine for me.

  6. jc....sure I've got some Syl Johnson. I'll see what I can dig up.

  7. Awesome...I don't have any of these, but I too have found some gems this year....

  8. I also shy away from posting Xmas songs - although I'm happy to pull a cracker or two :)

    And what a great Xmas present this selection is! Thanks and belated compliments of the season to you.

    Keep digging, and blogging!

  9. Thanks for the best Christmas present I got this year.

  10. Ya'll are most welcome...glad you're enjoying the tunes.

  11. Hey Awesome Ana, you can expect to hear these 11 marvels, in sequence, on a radio show near you. Dedicated to you, natchally. Happy new ears!

  12. gilhodges...really?, which station?

    And ya know, all I did as post 'em, these are records I don't own.