Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm at the point of no return....

I don't know anything about this group. The label's a problem too, because there were several named Bella. The only clue I've got is that George Perkins is co-credited as both arranger and producer.

Ok, so is that the George Perkins who recorded "Cryin' in the Streets", who co-owned several labels, who did some producing for other folks....all in and around Baton Rouge?

Not much to go on is it? I do know that there was at least one Bella label which released 45's by Louisiana artists, but the numbering on this 45 doesn't appear to fit into that label's catalogue. In fact, given that numbering, I'm left wondering if it isn't a one-off.

Beyond that, there's the name Simmie Kinchen Jr. [presumably the singer] who's listed as co-arranger. I've got nothing on him either, except to say that some of the first few google hits on the name "Kinchen" direct me to various Louisiana public/genealogical records. You might surprised how specific some names are to the area.

One other thing is that the singer's pronunciation of the words, burn, return, yearn, is one I associate with New Orleans, but also something I'm sure shows up elsewhere.....and ya know, it's not like an awful lot folks in the midwest, on the east coast, even out in California were that far removed from the South at the time. Just a demographic fact.

So I don't know, is this a Louisiana record?

Hope ya'll enjoy...


  1. I found a copy of this on my last dig in NoLA. Actually I found like thirty copies of it. So if I had to guess I'd say it's probably a LA record. Such a good record too!

  2. Joe...Yeah it's a five dollar record around here. Wasn't till I was looking for info that I saw it goes for more elsewhere.