Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Put down dat gun...at the Elephant Fair...

Another one I should post before I forget.

Awhile back I was scratching my head over the name Chuck Johnson in relation to a 45 by the Sensational Travelers. Ya know, sometimes my poor little brain just doesn't function quite the way it should. I know this, just as I'm sure anyone who reads more than a few of my posts knows it.

Anyway, after that post I got a note from a friend essentially saying "duh" and pointing in the direction of this record and another titled "Put Down Dat Gun", both on the Invicta label.

Now, Invicta was owned by an ex-DJ named Robert Booker who also owned the gospel label, Booker. That's why I wondered at the time of the other post if Chuck Johnson [not the same as the gospel singer Charles Johnson or the rockabilly singer Chuck Johnson] wasn't involved with both labels [he was, as producer on Booker]. Throw in the fact that the Rev. Charlie Jackson [not the same as the singer Chuck Jackson] recorded a few sides for Booker and maybe you get some idea of how I got things muddled up. As if anyone actually gives a shit...

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, on to the records. And there are two records posted even though I've only got one scan up. The rip of "Put Down Dat Gun" comes from my friend BB, who for some reason hasn't got back to me with a label scan. Sorry about the omission folks. The record's rare enough that I think it's worth posting anyway. Copies of "Elephant Fair" are seemingly everywhere. Chances are that most are re-presses, although I've never heard anyone say as much.

Both are way cool tunes. Maybe a little derivative, but still very enjoyable in a goofy-ass sort of way. I'd still like to know more about Johnson, he's an interesting singer. At times sounding very West Indian/Jamaican. Hope ya'll enjoy...

[For some reason the file of "Put Down Dat Gun" isn't showing all the usual info, including the artists name. Just in case some of you want to fill in the label info, it's Invicta 509]