Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doin' it in the park....doin' it in the dark...

Time for some lo-fi, fuzzed-out, wah-wahed garage funk issued on one of the myriad of labels run by Lynn Williams and Reggie Hines......located at various times in Greenville Miss., Atlanta Ga., Chicago Ill., and New Orleans La.

By my count, those two had at least 20 different labels, and were involved with records issued on another 5 or 6.

While I don't know there's any real evidence to support the inclusion, this record does show up on at least one comp of New Orleans related funk cuts. I have no idea who Larry Foster is, but the band sounds an awful lot like the same folks playing on George Perkins', "Groove Making", issued on the Golden label out of Baton Rouge. Same ultra cheesy organ sound, same "just keep the tape rolling and we'll come up with something" attitude.

Which means it's fabulous.

I really do need to find a better copy of this 45. Still, it does play and the sound tends to clear up as the needle heads deeper into the record. If you need better audio I'm almost certain both sides can be had through iTunes or Amazon.


  1. "But the funky belly's a mess! Whooo-wee!"

    My belly gets funky sometimes. TMI?

    Thanks, ana-b!

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  3. Lets try that one again, this time with some semblance of correct word usage. "coughs"

    Jer....I totally regret not using "funky belly's a mess" as the title of the post. Unfortunately it didn't occur to me at the time.

  4. Those in the know, know, though.