Friday, December 3, 2010

My pride is all gone....

Geek time.

I'm such a lunatic. I already own two copies of the standard single....and so that means I was supposed to pass up this one sided test pressing?

While I'd hate to say this version is better than Marvin Gayes' original, ya know....maybe it is.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. My God, how can it be that I have never heard of this woman? She's amazing.

  2. I totally agree David....hope you caught the update on the post. I had no idea Twilightzone had posted her earlier sides.

  3. That's very strange, the comments meant for the Little Miss Cornshucks post are showing up here....

  4. You're demonstrating true collector behaviour :)
    I've arrived at this point too. I have a perfectly good copy of Candi Staton's "Prisoner" album on US Fame but I've just bought a UK issue of the album too, and it was described as a bit scratchy (it actually plays must better than it looks). As I am a complete Candi nut I felt I had to have the UK issue too, I was surprised it even got a UK release back in '69 and it must have sold in tiny numbers. That's another one chalked up.

    (will this show under Little Miss Cornshucks, I wonder?)

  5. Darcy...I totally understand about the Candi album [it's great]. I own the record as well, yet I also hunted down the 45's. Actually I do that pretty often.

    I've had trouble with the comments before. Sometimes I hit the publish button and they disappear entirely, other times they publish but don't show up in the "count" on the main page. Could be that David simply entered his comment on the wrong post and I didn't notice when I answered, but I swear it all looked correct when I published the comments.

  6. This is the message I get when trying to download Baby Don't Do It:

    Access to the webpage was denied.

    You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to log in.

    More information on this error
    Below is the original error message

    HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

  7. should try again, either there was a temporary problem with the server, or your computer was having some kind of trouble. I just tried the link and it worked fine.

  8. PS: I have all the Candi singles too :)

    PPS: download works fine for me and love the track.

  9. I'd never heard this version before. It's great. Thank you!