Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a note....

I've been fretting over my recent post of "white whales".

Let me reiterate that those are records I don't own, and that some of the tunes were ripped by other people. In particular, I want to be clear that Larry Grogan's rip of the Eddie Bo 45 is very likely the only time that record has been offered on the net. In terms of my thinking, that's a very big deal and if I were to do the post over, I would ask his permission to post it first. The same goes for Dan Phillips' copy of "Black Samson Theme". I made a mistake in not asking in the first place. I apologize to both of them.

After some thought I realize that the Ella Brown rip must have come from Sir Shambling's site and the copy of ZuZu Man by way of an unknown ripper. All credit for those two rips go to them. I have the bad habit of stripping ID info from files I download simply because I find much of that info annoying. This can make it difficult to know where they come from.

I'm fairly certain the other songs either come from comps or are rips sent to me by friends. If anyone knows differently, then drop me a line and I'll gladly acknowledge the error.

Ya see, the premise of this blog is that, with the rare exception, I stick to 45s I actually own. This puts me, and those who do like-wise, at a disadvantage to those who post files from "whatever" source. Our source material is usually more limited, invariably more expensive, and often takes some major effort to come by.

To my mind this means those who hunt down actual hard copies of rare recordings [in whatever medium] are worthy of a little respect. That's why I think an apology is due those whose rips I posted recently. More than most folks, I should know better.

If that means I'm a vinyl [or hard copy] snob, then so be it, I'm a snob. But I don't post other people's rips without acknowledging the source, and in the future, if I want to post anyone else's, I will ask permission first and not just presume it's ok.

While I understand that from the listening end there may be very little difference between a vinyl rip and a purely digital file, from this end the difference is huge.


[pic is of my heavy rotation stack]


  1. No. No! Your post should be a cause for celebration, not consternation. I laud your principles in posting only vinyl you own yourself, but none of us should ever stake proprietary claim to any musical treasure. You made abundantly clear the motivation behind posting MP3s of your "white whales." Your personal commentary with each selection only heightened the pleasure of listening to them. Whoever quibbles with what you shared (or the manner in which you did so) should just stay home alone with their record piles. I for one was thrilled with your post and have paid tribute to it, and you, in my own small way. Happy New Year.

  2. gilhodges...The only person who quibbled with my post was me. I thought it was rude of me not to ask first before posting some of the tunes. And it's not a question of proprietary claim, more just showing some respect for the effort and expense of collecting rare vinyl. Also, I would say an affirmation that there is a difference between generating unique rips and simply re-posting digital copies.

    I'm very happy people enjoyed the post, that was my intent. I just should have asked a few folks if I could re-post their rips first, and I'm embarrassed that I didn't.

  3. you worry too much ana-b! your blog is a joy and i'm grateful to see, love and hear it..

  4. mister mark...I have no doubt that you're totally correct, but then again, that's how I am.

    Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot.

  5. You have very good manners. Commendable in this day and age! I have a feeling (not to speak for anyone else, but here I go) that the mutual love and respect karma cloud you make up a big piece of has you fully covered on this one, but it can't hurt to be humble.

    (The above might be the worst run-on sentence I have ever written!)

  6. That's a very sweet thing to say Jer. Thanks.

    Btw, what's a run-on sentence? As I'm sure you've noticed I hardly know how to use commas. Actually I'm only half kidding, sentence structure is something I barely have a handle on.

    I'm pretty badly dyslexic which makes words screwy in more ways than just flipping letters. That's why I visually order what I write in small blocks or sections even if it doesn't make sense in terms of the writing, because I can't read if there are too many words all bunched together.

  7. "To live outside the law, you must be honest."

    Yo Gil, how's Carl Erskine?

  8. Big Bobby Dee....nice quote. Are you by any chance the the horses mouth?

  9. Ana - I want to add my voice to those who have already told you how much we all loved the post in question. I have a blog where I mix things from all different sources into my own playlists. And occasionally, I will see one of those records posted somewhere else the next week. It really doesn't bother me. What is important is that the music gets heard. I consider myself just the messenger.

    I can't begin to count how many great records you've turned me on to that I had no idea existed before I heard them here. And being the collector I am, on many occasions I have gone directly from this b log to either Ebay or Gemm music in search of some vinyl treasure. The most recent occasion was about 10 minutes ago when I was fortunate enough to find a copy of the Candy Phillips 45.

    Believe me when I say that the music world is a better place for your efforts. You owe no apologies or excuses to anyone. Thank you for all the great music and have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  10. The respect and acknowledgment is a great thing and very commendable, but at the end of the day 98% of us record dorks, including those you named above, just want more people to hear this music!

  11. "Nah, that's Little Robby Zee!"....I laughed so hard when I read this I spilt my tea. But yeah Jer., that's exactly where I was heading.

    YankeeBoy....Thanks for the lovely comment. Point taken. Even though the Candy Phillips doesn't usually sell for a lot, it's still not a common record. You were lucky one was available.

    Colby....You are of course correct. The funny thing is, I probably could have answered some of these comment with, "I spent 12 years with the Ursulines", but I don't know that most would understand.

  12. Good manners or die tryin' with that crew, huh? Sisters of No Mercy!

  13. "I spent 12 years with the Ursulines" Sounds like the name of an amazing girl soul group cira 1966.

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  15. I am neither the horse's mouth, nor it's patootie.

  16. Big Bobby Dee...The absolute best of all possible answers. Thanks for the laugh....and thanks for visiting the blog. Hope you'll return.

  17. Thanks Ana-b for these great song posts. I'm reading over the amusing comments recorded over a year ago--you have quite the clever fan base.