Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby get filthy!

By my count, these two sides are the 299th and 300th vinyl rips I've made from my collection and offered on the blog. Not too bad for 18 months of posting.

Sometime last spring I was looking for a copy of the comp called "Get Low Down!", specifically because it includes a couple of unreleased tracks by Bobby LaCour. Now, the comp is out of print, and at least when I was looking for it the only copy I could find was priced at over $70, which is waaay more than I'm going to pay for a two CD set. I mean jeeze, I can buy myself a really nice 45 for that much. [In fact, that's about what I paid for the rarest 45 included in the collection]

Luckily a very generous blog reader came to my rescue. When I finally listened to it I was a little shocked, because ya see I'd never heard the comp before, and not only is "Get Low Down!" one of the two best collections of Toussaint productions ever gathered together, but beyond that I'd already posted so many of the included tunes that my readers could be forgiven for thinking I was using the collection as a buying guide. Which obviously I wasn't.

Is there a point to this story? Not really. Just my long winded way of introducing this 45, which is of course the record from which the title of the comp derives. Those of you who own "Get Low Down!" clearly don't need a copy of the 45, but since when did that ever stop me before.

Seems an appropriate choice for cracking the 300 mark. Hope ya'll enjoy...

[I've more or less decided not to do memorials anymore, but I would like to dedicate this one to Renetta Lowe, aka Magnolia Shorty, who was murdered about 10 days ago. WTF New Orleans.]


  1. "Luckily"? I think not. Definitely skill, not luck, in your case.

  2. i love these, thanks.

  3. Love this one!