Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music pouring out like rain...

I've owned this record for some time; long enough for it to get shuffled to the back of the stack at least once. It happens. Even with records you really love.

Last weekend, a friend in Austin was playing the hell out of his newly acquired copy....and I noticed every single time it hit the turntable, I got chills. Yep, this record has that kind of effect on me. I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

So, before it gets over-played around the house once again, I figure I should post it.

Think of it as a kiss blown in the wind, to all of you out there.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shake a hand...

Anyone out there have info on Jeannie Dee? The word amongst my friends is that there are only two singles, this one and another on Musicor which shares the same b-side. But I've also heard second hand that there are a couple of other 45' titles or labels were mentioned.

That's it, that's all I've got. Seems strange to me that there would be so little info available on someone with such a killer voice.

The song, "Shake A Hand", was an early R&B hit for Faye Adams. You can hear her original version here. It has, of course, been covered by numerous folks, including Elvis.


I got news for ya baby...

Ruby Johnson's yet another artist who really should have been a bigger star than she was. Girlfriend had major league pipes. It's shocking that Stax/Volt only issued three singles given what they had in the vaults.

If you've never heard the comp "Ruby Johnson: I'll Run Your Hurt Away" you should go immediately to Amazon and buy a copy. It's one of the finest soul collections I know of. It includes all six of Johnson's sides on Volt plus 14 other unreleased cuts. And those unreleased songs aren't just the usual alternate takes and such, they're polished recordings of the same quality as the regular releases. I guarantee it, you'll be amazed.

It's said that Johnson quit recording because she didn't feel her voice lent itself to the more funky style then coming into vogue....but I sometimes wonder, did she really stop?

Hope ya like...

Friday, March 26, 2010

I don't want it all...

If I have to tell ya'll that Rosco/Roscoe Gordon was one of the greats then you really should do some research on your own.

By some accounts this record shouldn't exist as Gordon supposedly retired in 1962. Which really only makes sense if you consider that 'retirement' might be a euphemism for 'showing disgust'. Seems 1962 was the year Gordon figured out that the rights to his considerable body of work over the previous decade had all been stolen. Over 300 songs. Not just by one person either. The labels involved were Sun, Duke, RPM, Flip, and Chess.

Even Ralph Bass, A&R man for King [a label which never even released anything by Gordon], got in on the act. He owned the rights to "Just A Little Bit" for thirty years before finally returning them to Gordon in 1990.

Anyway, while in 'retirement' Gordon did several things...he got married, opened a laudromat with money he won in a poker game, and created his own publishing and production companies. In 1969 he started his own label, Bab-Roc.

Oh yeah, he also put out at least 10, possibly as many as 15, singles....including this killer re-make of "Just A Little Bit" in 1968.

Moral of story: check your shit twice before you even begin to imply that a record company flack had good intentions or contributed in any way towards making a record. This applies across the board, from A to...Wexler.

Hope ya enjoy...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sure lookin' good to me...

I'm sick, have been since Monday. All brain activity monitors should be reset to 'micro' levels.

The Austin record convention was a little disappointing. There were half as many vendors as usual [by decree], with most 45 dealers opting to go to the show in Allentown PA. [scheduled the same weekend].

I'm not knockin' the organizers or really even the event itself. In some ways the convention was nicer than it has been in the past, it was just small. A problem which should be remedied when the show opens at a new location next fall.

Anyway, none of this really mattered as I could probably find records in Antarctica....and Austin ain't no Antarctica. Half of what I bought came from local shops.

Recently, I had my radar re-tuned to pick up on King Solomon's funkier 45's.....blip blip blip, I located this beauty within 5 minutes of coming into range.

Hope ya like....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome home.....

Marva Wright died earlier today. She was much loved.

This song is off an available Cd. I'm only going to leave it up for a couple of days.

[song has been removed]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take my hand...

I'm in Austin TX for the weekend. Gonna take in a few bands during the SxSW music festival/hit the stacks of vinyl at the record convention.

If I feel inspired [not too hung over], I'll take some pics.

I've been meaning to post this record for awhile, but as in the case of many others, I just haven't gotten around to it. Well, today's the day. A Texas record for a beautiful Texas afternoon.

I'm not sure when it was released.....the label's out of Dallas.

Hope ya like..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's her name?

Willie Harper isn't that well known even though he actually recorded quite a bit. That's him singing back-up on numerous Allen Toussaint productions. He was also the lead singer for the Del-Royals, recorded a series of duets with Toussaint under the names, The Man & Willie Harper, The Rubaiyats, and Willie & Allen.....and had 5 or 6 singles issued under his own name.

I'd say about half of these records are pretty hard to fact, I've never even heard three of them.

Anyway, here's one you don't hear that often. If you check the label credits you'll see that it's not a Toussaint production....Big Q is Wardell Quezerque.

Hope ya's from 1968.

All you did was break my heart, and make my finger turn green...

Poor Deacon John Moore, so talented and so very few records released.

This 45 was issued under the name Johnny Moore, which was possibly one of the stupidest ideas ever. Not only were there at least two other fairly well known recording artists already using the name, but even Moore's fans in New Orleans didn't buy the record, just because they didn't recognize their own hometown boy.

Too bad, it's a great two-sider that really should have produced a hit.

It's worth mentioning the sound on this side of the 45. It's screwy. Not just on this copy, but on all copies. I'm not quite sure what happened, maybe the original tape was damaged?....maybe something bizarre happened during mastering?...whatever.

Such a shame, the sound throughout is far more murky than on the flip.....and then the recording inexplicably speeds up during the last 12 seconds or so. That last bit is strange enough to make you wanna check your turntable's speed control.

Hope ya enjoy, it's one of my favorites.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hot, funky, and sweaty...

Time, once again, to thank those of you who bother to comment on the blog. I consider your comments small personal gifts.

I'm especially pleased that those comments have been universally polite, interesting, and friendly in tone. This goes a long way towards making my job easier. I honestly don't know how I'd react if someone decided to harass me for either the records I post or some of the silly things I write. Most likely my [terrible] temper would get the better of me and I'd end up making a monstrous fool of myself.

And ya know, I think that's worth restating because I do write some silly things here, I do sometimes post obvious records, and thus consider myself an easy target for those who might not be won over by my sparkling personality and formidable intellectual prowess. [cough, cough]

Ya know, most of all, I consider this blog an exercise in generosity...a quality I figure I need to cultivate. My thanks to all of you for showing me how it's done. Generosity of spirit cuts both ways.
This one's for Derek See, one of the most generous bloggers out there...

It's a re-press of a record I will never own. The only original copy I've seen at auction went for over $800. Wanna know the funny thing about my copy? may have only cost $5, but when I play it, people dance.

Eddie Bo was involved in the making of the record, the a-side is a cover of the Meters', Cissy Strut....the b-side's a funky vocal thang....both sides feature the amazing drumming of James Black.

Don't know who James Black is? Check this out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Public Service Announcement

RecordCollector's doing something amazing over at his blog. He's working on a complete discography of Ace records. By that, I mean he's going to post everything he can. The first two installments of this series are up and already my eyes are bugging out my head. The man's collection is mind-bending.

He's started out with releases on the KRC label, some of which were distributed by Ace. Perhaps this gives you an idea how complete he means to be?

Anyway, if you're interested in fairly obscure New Orleans recordings you really should check out what's already posted and keep an eye open for further installments. I know I will be.

You can see Part 1. here....and Part 2. here. Check the comments on his blog for a link to download all the 45's posted.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Some people live in make believe...

Yeah, I know....this is the third version of this song I've posted.

But, I've got to say, if any version can go toe to toe with Earl King's Imperial 45, it's this one.

The record isn't exactly rare, but it is the hardest to find of the four singles Robinson cut for Leiber and Stoller. Most copies I see are beat to hell and and will run ya around $15.

Fortunately, I happen to own a very nice copy...hope ya enjoy.

[btw, that killer guitar work is probably by Robinson himself]

Shake your twister!

I love records like this. The flip is a more or less standard blues tune with some very tasty vibrato-heavy guitar work, while on this side the boys work up a funky little dance tune.

I usually know something about the records I post [even if I don't always post info], but in this case I know absolutely nothing. Anyone out there have any info on the label or the artist?

Hope ya enjoy....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honey, I'm just in love with you...

This is a record I've owned for awhile but haven't played very much....that is, until recently, when it got dug out of the pile during a house move. It hasn't left the heavy rotation stack yet.

Just in case you've ever wondered how I choose songs for the blog, that's it in a nutshell....ya'll get to hear the vinyl I'm wearing-out at home.

Hope ya's a very beautiful song, with a lovely arrangement. The slow-dancer of choice at the moment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I was a sinner...

Lots of nice gospel music on the Peacock label out of Houston. I'm picking up all I find at this point.

This side by the Gospelairs is about the sweetest thing I've heard recently.

Hope ya enjoy...

Smile on your face is like a neon sign...

$3.99, well spent.

Hope ya enjoy...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a note...

[update: the bandwidth crisis is now resolved]

My bandwidth is very close to maxing-out. This only applies to posts since November....older posts are fine, as is anything I post after this.

The problem should be rectified in a few days, so if you're unable to download something either wait a couple of days and try again....or email me and I'll send ya the clip.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The amount of traffic I'm getting has increased by about a third in the last six weeks. I'll pay more attention to the numbers in the future.


p.s. the graph shows the number of charting singles produced by New Orleans artists, by year.