Monday, December 6, 2010

It's not my fault Dirty Red....I can't help it!

I had this great idea ya see. I was going to re-post the same two 45's Dan Phillips used in one of his posts on Smokey Johnson [just in case ya'll missed 'em], and then send ya'll over there to get the scoop on one of New Orleans' greatest drummers. Pretty slick huh ? [in a totally lazy-ass way]

Anyway, when I pulled out my copies of the 45's, I realized that my pressing of "It Ain't My Fault" is different than Dan's. In fact, I didn't know that the recording was released twice, the second time minus Part 2 and backed with the song "Dirty Red", which was itself originally issued on an earlier 45. So much for well-laid plans.

I give myself a C- for poor execution [and an F for originality], but ya'll still get to hear three quarters of what Dan originally posted along with the added bonus of "Dirty Red".

Read what Dan had to say here.....and hopefully enjoy the tunes. I should point out that Part 2 of " I Can't Help It" is a less commonly heard version of Part 1. Funny thing is, it's actually the more complicated of the two arrangements.


  1. Great post, Ana! I can't seem to get "It Ain't My Fault" to download right now. Can you check it to see if it's OK? Thanks for such great music.

  2. Gyro...I'm having trouble too. It's probably temporary, as others seem to have managed fine. But if it doesn't clear up in awhile I'll redo the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Gyro....looks like mediafire's having server problems. I tried re-upping the file and it's still not working. Now I'm getting a notice saying it may take a few hours before "this zone" is operational. I'll leave a note here when it's working again.

  4. All the links seem to be working now

  5. I have "I Can't Help It Part 1" on two collection. Neither is listed as Part 1. I never knew there was a Part 2. I love it. Thank you! I had never heard the other two tunes you also offered in this post. I am enjoying them immensely! Thank you!