Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby's first record...

This 45 found it's way under the Christmas tree anonymously. The card on the present read: 'To The Bump', nothing else. Not really much of a mystery though. The rest of the card should have read: From Cranky Old Bastard [With a Heart Of Gold].

Without a doubt the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile. I'd frame the record except I plan on wearing it out during extended patty cake sessions instead. Hopefully it'll end up with crayon scribbles all over the label.

Ya know, like a lot of people I go into the Christmas season with a good bit of anxiety. I mean jeeze, I've got two huge families to deal with.....any gathering could always turn into major train wreck. But somehow that never happens, and I come away feeling loved, and loving all of them in turn, time and time again.

I consider myself very very lucky, but not just because of my family, there are also a few dear friends who who always seem to have my back. Cranky Old Bastard is one of those. Maybe he'll come down for Christmas next year? I keep telling him I'm not the only female who's disappointed when he doesn't show. Ya know, one of 'em is working as a stripper now [nudge nudge].

I suspect this record is secretly loved by a number of people who are too embarrassed to play it when anybody else is around. Certainly it's the sweetest tune Mr. Toussaint ever put to wax. Makes me wish he'd made a children's album. I'm sure Baby Girl will love it.

7 months down, two more to go.

Label this one, much like the rest of the post: Not for use by diabetics.


  1. This is pretty cool - it reminds me of one of the records I discovered as a wee Brooklyn bairn that has stayed a favorite to this day: "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck.

  2. Jer...I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers when I was young. There was def a Brubeck album around, but the first record I remember hearing was the "Hatari" soundtrack by Henry Mancini. I own the exact copy now.

    "Baby Elephant Walk" just went on the baby's play list.

  3. Oh yeah, I just listened to "Unsquare Dance" and I def know it, I just never knew the name. The list is growing.

  4. stripper? tell her shes got a date if she buys her own drugs.


  5. C....Be nice or I'll tell all my girlfriends you're gay.