Friday, April 1, 2011

Ball of lightning....

A record that's getting to be very tough to find and usually costs a good bit when it does turn up. Certainly I paid for this copy.

In my opinion the goofy-ass lyrics could only be a by-product of whiskey consumption. Luckily, those lyrics still sounded pretty good the next morning, in fact turned out to be so catchy that Mr. Toussaint seemingly found it impossible to come up with anything else. Anyway, that's my explanation for this 45. Take it or leave it.

And yeah, it's catchy. I don't even have to play this record for the song to get stuck in my head. My Boy thinks it's so funny that I sing along to this 45 that he shot a little video clip of me at seven months pregnant, bouncing around, mouthing the words [NO, I'm not going to post it].

Hope ya'll enjoy the tune as much as I do.

[oops, I forgot to mention that the Rubaiyats are Allen Toussaint and Willie Harper]


  1. Such a good track. . . I'd heard this on the Sundazed Get Low Down comp. but hearing today from the 45, it just sounds so much more powerful. From a fellow lover of Louisiana music, keep up the great work. Love your blog!

  2. ANA-b, of all the ferocious hellfire and brimstone on Get Low Down!, this was the one track that became tattooed on my heart. Thanks for ripping a RealDeal 45!

  3. PS: Reconsider baby - that video would be a megahighlight. You know you want to!

  4. singing bones is simply a pleasure !