Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hope you feel the same way too.....

I haven't seen anyone pop this 45 up in a good long while. Which surprises me. The record may be cheap and easily found, but jeeze, if there was ever a tune worthy of multiple postings it's this one. Probably in my top 20 all time faves. Absolutely in my top 50.

I feel kinda bad about skipping over Clarence Carter's excellent original version, but Ted Taylor totally owns this song by the time the 45 is over. Even more accurately, he tears the original to shreds and then stomps what's left to dust. Just amazing.

Ya know, if this cut had originally been released as the flip-side to his "Ramblin' Rose" the world would have been blessed with one of the ten most perfect two-sided singles ever. Truth is, Taylor just doesn't get the respect he deserves.

I'm thinking this cut was recorded in Chicago [or Memphis?] but can't say for sure. Stan Lewis, who owned Ronn, leased a lot of records out of the midwest, but Taylor was on the Shreveport based label for almost 10 years and then later on recorded a number of sides with Wardell Quezergue for Alarm in Baton Rouge. Throw in the fact that Taylor also died in Louisiana and ya gotta figure he must have spent a good deal of time in the state.

Hope ya'll enjoy...

[Oddly enough, if you try to google producers R. Hawkins and J. Johnson, the first hits are for the song writing credits to "Iko Iko"....two thirds of the Dixie Cups, Rosa Hawkins and Joan Johnson. Not that they produced the 45, I just thought it an interesting coincidence.]

[As was pointed out in the comments, my thinking on where this 45 was recorded is wrong. Muscle Shoals is more like it. I totally missed the BMI publishing credit for Fame on the label. Roger Hawkins and Jimmy Johnson are the producers.]


  1. Amazing song. You're absolutely right, this version is, by far, superior to the Clarence Carter version. I love it. Also, it's a real plus to get to hear it from a high quality 45 rip. Thank you!!

  2. Nice cut- is that Jimmy Johnson and Roger Hawkins from Muscle Shoals? BOOMING BASSLINES

  3.'re most welcome.

    Booming Basslines....there ya go! I'm sure you're right. No wonder the song is so tough.

  4. Screaming Guitar SoloApril 2, 2011 at 4:10 PM

    NOBODY cuts Duane Allman's guitar solo in the original, i'm just sayin'...

    Hmm maybe I can clip it out and paste it in over the organ solo here...

  5. Screaming Guitar Solo....I was referring to the original 45 release by Clarence Carter, which is actually quite nice, but somewhat understated and very different from the much wilder version of the song Carter recorded sometime later for his album, "The Dynamic Clarence Carter".

    It's the album version that most folks think of in terms of Duane Allman, although it could be he plays on the 45 version as well. I honestly don't know.


  6. Now that I listen to the two versions by Carter back to back, I'm pretty sure the album version isn't recut, it's the same basic track as the 45 with different vocals and a shitload of overdubs, including Greg Allman's guitar solo.

    This makes me wonder if some folks have ever heard the stripped down 45 version.

    Goody, I now have an excuse to post it. Maybe tomorrow.

  7. Screaming Guitar SoloApril 3, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Interesting, I had no idea there was a different version on a 45, I only know the Clarence Carter version from the Duane Allman "An Anthology" album. The liner notes list it as being from the album you cited. Thanks!