Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come and take me by the hand...

Tomorrow there's a gathering of my husband's family out by Bayou Lafouche. Even though this year's harvest is by most accounts the worst in recent memory, we've been assured by there'll be a crawfish boil come hell or high water. Should be fun, I think around 30-40 people are expected. Unfortunately, we can't stay over more than one night.

Anyway, that's my lead-in to this 45. The Rustone label was operated out of Houma which is about 20/30 miles from where we'll be tomorrow. Of course Houma's only about 90 miles from the house, so take it for what it's worth.

The Rustone 45s I've found so far are pretty beat up. This one's a little better than the last I posted, but it's still rough. Not that I'm apologizing, truth is I really don't mind a certain amount of surface noise on a record. I've actually been disappointed with a few upgraded copies for that reason. I get used to the wear and miss it when it's gone. Rather like a well-used old wooden floor that loses it's charm after being sanded down and refinished. As far as I'm concerned this is the way Rustone 45s are supposed to sound.

Anyway, that's my justification for not shelling out $40 for the M- copy currently being offered on Ebay [not a totally outrageous price if anyone is interested, I'd def consider it myself if I didn't already own this $4 bargain special].

Willie West is of course still performing. Still has a marvelous voice. There are several newer albums available. You should def go see him if you get a chance. Not that anyone else should remember except me, but I love the man's voice so much that his tune "Keep You Mine" was the "first dance" at my wedding. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

If you'd like a better copy of this tune, and don't want to pay $40 for the single, it can be found on a comp called "The Best Of Rustone". Downloads are available through the usual sources, but I'd pick and choose rather than download the whole collection. Listen to the samples and you'll see what I mean.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Excellent tune. I love the that sax solo that smoothly pushes to the forefront about half way through.
    I also view the surface noise as an enhancement of the overall listening experience.
    My son, who grew up in the digital age, has become a vinyl enthusiast (probably because I never got rid of any of my old collection and he got to hear a lot of LP's and 45's while growing up) and he has developed a great deal of affection for the surface noise found on most well played and loved records. He greatly enjoys nearly everything record I've played for him from your blog. Thank you! From both of us.

  2. Hi ana-b-

    I'm with you and Jem, I don't think I'd enjoy a pristine digital remaster as much. Great tune.

  3. Willie's set at the Ponderosa Stomp last year was way too short....He played a big show up in Brooklyn a few months ago and I wished I would/could have gone!!!