Friday, April 29, 2011

In the midnight hour....

Jazz Fest is in full swing and I'm soooo excited that Robert Plant will be making a special appearance at the House of the Blues tonight.

Sorry ya'll, but that's my idea of a joke even when the actual event is meant as a tribute to Bobby Charles [R.I.P.]. Our concerns at the moment are with friends and relatives in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Not to mention that the Mississippi River will be sitting at an estimated three feet below the tops of the levees for more than a week come mid-May....which is likely to exert as much pressure on that system as ever been applied.

A rather obvious point, but there's a huge difference when it comes blogging about New Orleans from a tourist's point of view and that of someone actually living here. It's the difference between posting a pic of that fabulous po-boy you had for lunch and trying to explain what it feels like to pack your bags before evacuating to Texas. And believe me, if you've never evacuated to Texas, you're in for a very big thrill.

So, I've definitely got my "Fuck You, I'm From New Orleans" t-shirt on today, but I get irritated by blogs touting their "amazing" once-a-year adventures in the city. Those of us in New Orleans have a completely different perspective. One that often it makes it very hard to find common ground with the standard pre-occupations of the tourist.

Thus I have some advice: save us all considerable embarrassment and mark that Jazz Fest shit as "how I spent my fabulous vacation" rather than "I've got my finger on the pulse of something interesting and exotic". I mean, isn't it all rather obvious, or does simply everyone who visits New Orleans have to presume a "special relationship" with the city and it's music?

Even if that means Robert Plant is somehow included?
Here's another of my little treasures.

Hope ya'll enjoy...


  1. Man, I feel you- I am so tired of hearing about everyone’s little field trip to New Orleans or Austin or wherever. They come back knowing all about it, dismissing my experiences and stories as tourist shit. Only THEY know about the best food and places to go, and they want to move there soon.

    I visited Lousiana pre-Katrina and really took in the whole area around New Orleans. The general mood was heavy and I was struck by the desperation of some of the people. When I went to Jamaica it was a similar vibe- the poor people have been exploited so long that they are losing their aspirations, they feel like they are stuck there.

    We went to Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge and were heavily eyeballed by locals. The young waitress asked us why we came there. She couldn’t understand why we would make a special trip to a place she wants desperately to leave.

    Louisiana is beautiful, and I will return when I can, but most people DON’T GET IT.

    ps fuck Robert Plant, never could sing shit…

  2. Respect the influx of people and $$$ to the city, disrespect the fact that I have to eat at home because all the breakfast places in my 'hood are too packed :-) Also don't like the fact that covers go up by 50-200% these couple of weeks....

    I helped Robert Plant shop one day at Waterloo records post-K....he was a really nice guy and he bought the "People Take Warning" box set and "Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country" on my insistence, lol...

    I've got a vid up for Ray's "Funky Pete"....might clean it again and rerecord a better version.....

  3. BB...I doubt many people have experienced being on the route of a commercial "disaster area" bus tour. It has a way of making you sensitive to how your hometown is "used", even if only as a metaphor, by visitors.

  4. Colby...well said, 40% of the city's income is derived from tourism. I make money off of tourism. We love tourists. But I can do without the paternalism of those who barely know the place.

    I had a copy of Funky Pete offered to me not too long ago and had to pass. Fool wanted $250 for it.

    You should def post a link here when you post new tunes.

  5. My copy is kinda beat up, but doubt I paid much more than $5 for it....

  6. Colby...definitely a steal. I could be wrong but I believe the guy was looking at the price the last copy on Ebay went for.

  7. Excellent side. Thank you!