Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't have to be no fancy dancer.....

I'm a little disgusted with myself. My recent posts concerning the Eight Ball label are totally wrong and I need to re-write them both. No sense in promoting misinformation on a subject so few know anything about. The only consolation being essentially the flip-side of that's not like anyone else knows shit about the label either. I'm doing the best I can.

Surprise! Here's one I really don't know anything about.

This tune shows up on a comp called "Funky Funky New Orleans" but it's actually on what I presume is a private press label out of Baker, Louisiana....which is just slightly north of Baton Rouge.

Part 1 of the record is nothing much, Part 2 is quite a bit better....that's why you get to hear it.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. I love your makes me happy every time I read it. I'm a history geek, and a bit of a stickler for the truth, but you shouldn't be hard on yourself for not knowing 100% of the facts 100% correctly when it comes to these things. People don't diligently document their lives as they live them and memories get rusty after a few years, much less 40! I've asked friends about records they did last year and they can't remember everything! Do your best, put it out there, and correct things as you see fit. Even the most celebrated music blogs and writing have errors, luckily in this format it's not too hard to correct!

  2. Colby....thanks for the encouraging words. It makes a difference.

    Actually, it was your posting of of "Crying the Blues" on you tube that got me going. Ya see, I think it's likely the issue number on that side of the 45 is misprinted. The flip side says 1561, not 1861, which is a much more likely number. If so, then that means "Crying the Blues" was issued directly before "Bad Bad Whiskey". It's also a little obvious that they were probably cut during the same session. And of course there's also the label design which clearly put's the two 45s in the same time frame.

    Now, I had heard "Crying the Blues" before, but not the flip side, not until yesterday....and obviously someone is singing on that song. It actually doesn't sound like James Rivers to me, but I suppose it has to be him, so I'm wrong about his only singing on "Bad Bad Whiskey".

    Last but not least, I, along with everyone I've ever talked to about the label, have presumed that the other Eight Ball label listed in the RnB Indies was unrelated. The labels are totally different, and since very few have ever seen one of the other Eight Balls, there was basically no info to follow up on. Turns out the 'two' labels are one and the same.

    An example of the earlier Eight Ball has turned up with one tell-tale clue that points to a connection. Which is shocking, because given the spread in issue numbers it's probable that there are still missing Eight Balls out there. Maybe even quite a few.

    Anyway, the Bobby Brown 45 is not the first issue on the label, it's simply the oldest most people have seen. I've just seen scans of an earlier one.

    Btw, those Rockie Charles records you've posted are killer.

  3. Well the proliferation of small labels in the 1960s many times seemed like a way for people to dodge debt issues etc... with regards to their other labels and contracts, so who knows what's going on half of the time. Also I've come across instances in the past where only promo copies, or no copies at all are released of listed and numbered 45s.

    James Rivers is still alive, maybe you can ask him!

    Have you read Brice's article on Rosemont Records in the new Offbeat? It's available online, along with a mix tape to download...

    Rockie Charles was/is one of the music loves of my life. So happy I got to see him so many times here in NOLA. The last time at Banks St. Bar only about a dozen people showed up...such a shame. He was amazed and laughed repeatedly when I requested "Old Black Joel" from him that night. He will be missed....he was one of the only older artists still writing and recording new material.....

  4. Colby...thanks the tip on the Rosemont story. It's excellent.

    In case anyone else wants to read the piece here's the link. Don't forget to check out the mix. The songs are chopped but it's a great overview of the label.

    Awhile back, a guy who's been making a documentary on the Crownseekers left a note saying how even the folks who recorded for the label couldn't remember much about it. I felt sure Mr. Taylor was still alive. Glad to see he's visiting the city again.

  5. Funky goodness. Thank you!