Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some people were born to be players...

Here's another 45 that Mr. Finewine seems to like. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's ever been comped. Deep soulies seem to like the flip side, a marvelous song which sounds to my ears as though it was cut during a different session. I'm sure I'll post it soon enough.

Seems fairly clear that Mr. Shermack's real name was Claude Shermack Williams, or at least that's how I occasionally see him listed. The co-writing credits lead me to believe the same. The person sharing that credit is William Parker Guidry, aka Bill Parker, leader of the Showboat Band.

If you've been reading the blog for awhile you may know I'm a fan of Parker and his guitarist, Chester Randle. I believe the links are still good for the two Parker 45s I've posted previously. Click on the "Bill Parker and His Showboat Band" label below if you'd like to hear them.

Anyway, that's about it for Claude Shermack. I don't know that anyone has much in the way of info about him other than he only made one other 45. It too is good, was issued on Goldband, and also recorded with Bill Parker's band.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Ana-b, I hope you intend follow the advice this record dispenses, at least where your blog is concerned.
    Marvelous tune! I really enjoyed the sax on this one. Sounded like a tenor in the break and a baritone almost being used as percussion instead of for melody. Very nice.
    I'm interested in hearing the flip side, if you get a chance to post it. Thank you!
    Also, I like the new background. (at least I hope it's a new background and that I'm not just noticing it today after many previous viewings)

  2. Hi Ana, I love the new design of your blog - very classy to go with the music! Wonderful colours. Marie

  3. I'm hoping the new design is ok...I've always meant to work on it, but jeeze, if there's any more boring activity I'm unaware of it. Blogger doesn't help the process at all. You can't save any changes you might like to think're only allowed to apply them or they're gone.

  4. Hi Ana-b-

    Maybe you can create a background in Photoshop Elements ($80) or The Gimp 2.0 (free!), then drop it in. Try using the filters to get an effect like you have now.

    Thanks for the music and info!

  5. Eddie...that's absolutely the next step, but there are also a few problems with the template which require mucking about with code. Given a choice, I'd rather clean the cat box.