Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No, no....ain't gonna cry...

[Since Divshare has decided to shaft it's many free users with no warning or explanation, yet another 70 of my old links are no longer available. Thus I'd like to offer this tune once again. The first time around it got very little attention. Perhaps at this point it will get more?]

One of my little treasures....about which I know virtually nothing.

[Update: this is the first 45 issued on this label. Eight Ball was owned by a man named Lionel Worthy whose main business was auto repair. Other than that, this record still qualifies as a mystery. First and foremost, who was 'Bobby Brown'?]

Hope ya'll enjoy...


  1. Cool tune, ana! Sorry I missed it earlier. Thanks for the heads-up. Dig that out of tune piano and the whistling. This one may well have been pre-Dover; but probably not by much. Might help if we knew who the hell this Bobby Brown was. He kind of sounds like Al Reed. I'll reply over at HOTG, too. Happy New Year!

  2. Yeah, it's the whistling combined with the sax riff is what does it for me.

    I'm actually kind of glad to hear that you don't know anything about Bobby Brown either. If nothing else, it makes me look like less of an idiot.

    Perhaps you can imagine what it's like to google 'Bobby Brown'....doesn't help one bit that there's a Bobby Brown that plays with the Saints. It also doesn't help to google Eight-Ball as there's another record company going by that name now.

    Thanks for your help with this one, at least I've now got a time frame in which to place it.


  3. Yeah you right, 'cause he's definitely NOT the guy Whitney did crack - or eightballs - with.......

  4. Yay! I recently discovered your site and I'm just starting to dig through the old posts... I also recently discovered some clips of this record on the Manship site and am now obsessed w/ both sides of this puppy. Congrats on finding it! And thanks for posting it!


  5. Isosceles....I'm surprised that you found a clip of this record anywhere at all. After checking around a good bit, this is the only copy I or any one I know has ever ever run into...

    Which is not to say that there aren't other copies....

  6. Yay for re-ups! Luckily I found a cheapish copy of this not long after the comment above... Ok, headed home soon, where I will listen to the James Rivers one too!

  7. Good for you Travis. I saw a copy not too long ago on Ebay which went for relatively little. I suspect most don't know what it is.

  8. too cool. i put my very 1st record out on "8-Ball" records!!!

  9. Devil Dick...Nice. So you're one those folks who keep screwing up my online searches. Ever use the name Bobby Brown?

    Jem...glad you like it.

  10. woah! this is great, thanks ana