Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All around the world....

The discography for "Cookie and The Cup Cakes" does not make you think of a tightly structured band in the usual sense. Ya see, depending on how strict you wanna be, there are "Cup Cakes" 45's credited about ten different ways, often enough with 'top billing' given to the lead singer.

Ya know, like a revue [common enough at the time], a singer steps into the spotlight for awhile until the next singer comes forward to be featured. The Cup Cakes providing back-up for all of them. It's just that in this case, one of the lead singers is named Cookie Thierry, and "Cookie and His Cup Cakes" makes good marketing sense. That's the name they put on their hit, "Mathilda".

So, there are four 45's by "Shelton Dunaway and The Cup Cakes" [Dunaway being the other lead singer in the band], another by "Hot Rod Reynaud/Ernest Jacob and the Cup Cakes" [Reynaud and Jacob were band members], several credited as "Little Alfred and The Cup Cakes" [Little Alfred joined the band after Cookie left], one credited as "Little Alfred and Shelton", another as "Cookie and the Cup Cakes, featuring Little Alfred", even one with "Cookie and The Berry Cups" printed on the label [The Berry Cups were Little Alfred's band before he joined the Cup Cakes].

All of them issued on the Lyric/Khoury labels owned by George Khoury out of Lake Charles within a period of a very few years. In fact, you don't see the records credited consistently [as "Cookie and His Cup Cakes"] until after Cookie Thierry [and Dunaway?] had left the group.

Sorry about that, I just wanted to address some of the common confusion. I probably should've just said.....this is a "Cookie and The Cup Cakes" record, and let it go at that.

Hope ya'll enjoy....

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  1. I don't know what the problem is, so far I can't get the file to download. Let me know if you have trouble.


  2. Works for me, and its a pretty righteous groove too. I don't say it enough- Thanks for this, and all the tunes.

  3. You're welcome Jeff...I enjoy your blog too, I literally just now downloaded the Kingsmen side you have up.

  4. The download worked fine for me. Great tune. It got me movin' and a groovin'. Thank you!