Friday, October 15, 2010

I like the way you work....

There's a good reason this song never shows up on Robert Parker collections. It's because the song's not by Robert Parker. Only sayin' because I've seen confusion about this.

The record's by R-a-y-m-o-n-d Parker. Which I guess begs the question: who's Raymond Parker?

Well, I seem to recall hearing that Raymond was Robert Parker's nephew, but truthfully, I think that was part of the same crazy dream where Lee Dorsey asked me to marry him and Irma Thomas turned out to be my long lost twin sister. In short, I don't know who Raymond Parker is, and I don't think anyone else does either. But one thing's for certain, he doesn't sound a bit like Robert Parker.

Oddly enough, this record looks to have a release number on the Sue UK label. But according to the folks who put together the comp, "The UK Sue Story!", it's unlikely the record was ever issued as there are no known existing copies on that label [they call the release a "myth", but that doesn't seem to have stopped them from including it on the comp]. Not that it matters much, it's obvious the 45 was originally released on Nola.

Sue UK was basically just a licensing agency for US releases, in fact, I don't know that there's such a thing as a true original release on Sue UK [which, if I'm correct, makes the label a strange subject for a comp].

Anyway, there are copies of the Nola pressing around, and while the record never seems to sell for very much, it's still not exactly what I'd call common. The scan is of my friend C.'s copy, I neglected to scan mine before I left home.

Oh yeah, as far as I know, this is the only release by Raymond Parker.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. This is a great tune. I had never heard it before. Too bad this is the only record he put out. Is the B-side as good? Thank you!

  2. Jem...You're Welcome. The b-side's not at all bad, I may post it in a week or so.

  3. Pretty sweet/hot, thanks for sharing!