Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a note....

In case anyone is wondering, that's it for the comps Twilightzone! has been offering. There may be more later, but for the time being you lovely idiots are just gonna have to visit this blog to get more of the good stuff. Something like 50 posts were not included in the comps, the vast majority of them fairly recent. I decided I wanted to keep their availability limited to the blog.

I'd like to thank both Gyro and Ryp for doing all the hard work to see that the collections were made available. If it had been left up to me, I can guarantee you that nothing would have happened. My only complaint is that I didn't have time to redo some of the earlier rips. I'm not only better at it than I used to be, I also now own better copies of some of the records.

Just in case anyone missed it, Darcy from over at Feel It recently posted a rare one by Huey Smith on the White Cliffs label [I don't own the record]. It's not at the top of the page anymore, but I'm sure you can find it. If by some quirk of fate you haven't visited Darcy's ultra cool blog before, be sure and check it out. Looks like he just posted a nice one by Irma Thomas.

For those of you keeping track, I'm 18 weeks down, 22 to go....and there are "flutters".


  1. Those Huey Smith tracks "Blues '67" parts 1 and 2 are available on the Krazy Kat LP #7403 called "New Orleans Rhythm 'n Blues 1949-1967" and pretty good compilation that's easier to find than that 45! There's even a copy available I believe at a newish record store in NOLA....hint

  2. Thanks for the info Colby.....I'm not familiar with that comp, I'll check it out.

  3. I was curious if you condoned those comps- Us heads already got the music from your blog and chose different faves anyway- Keep on diggin- BOOMING BASSLINES

  4. BB...something I failed to mention is that when Gyro first approached me with the idea for the comps, I put him off. Ya see, I didn't want my regulars to feel that their efforts to keep up with the blog had been for nothing. I know very well that there are folks who have spent the time to go back through the entire archives. I not only respect that, I cherish it.

    However, six months later, things had changed a bit. I had a whole batch of older links which no longer worked, and the size of the archive had grown to where I thought it unlikely anyone would bother with trying to collect them all. And there was another factor to consider, I discovered that a very high proportion of my traffic was coming from Twilightzone. Like 2/3rds of it, every day.

    So, I figured if the folks from that blog like what I'm about, then why not accept Gyro's offer? Now, being who I am, was of two minds about it then, and I'm of two minds about now. Was it a good idea? I really don't know.

    For what it's worth, I do know that my traffic has doubled on a consistent basis since the first comp was issued. And some lovely new people have stopped by.

    Other than that, I still got a lot of nice records to share...I hope some of the new folks will stick around and enjoy.

    I probably should've said this in the post...


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  6. Hmmm lots of links from ana-b today... ah, now I see why. Thanks for the shout out.

    Keep fluttering!

  7. My pleasure Darcy...meant to do it sooner...

  8. It just occurred to me that I shouldn't let something pass uncommented upon.

    "Da boys" at Twilightzone would never have offered comps drawn from my archives without my permission. Take it as gospel, or meet me in the alley with your boots on...

  9. Those comps are GREAT! Thgey keep me awake driving my truck at night.Thanks to Gyro and of course, yourself.I hope everything comes out all right!!Best wishes.

  10. Glad you enjoy them Bill....and thanks for letting me know.

  11. Ana,
    I'm glad you decided to let Gyro do the The Singing Bones compilations. Their appearance on Twilight Zone led me here; to your excellent blog.
    A situation that I'm very happy about. I"m one of those people who are trying to go back through your posts and get as many the tunes found there as possible. Gyro's comps helped speed up that process. Thank you!

  12. Jem..."some lovely new people have stopped by."


  13. Thanks for all the great comps -- classic stuff!

  14. Johnny Pierre....Glad ya like.