Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All your foolish lies....

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Betty Harris is one of the very few artists I've posted who actually owns the rights to some of her recordings. If you haven't already, ya'll really should consider buying one of the various comps of her work if you like what ya hear.

It's been my experience that this is a tough-ish record to find. I've bought both of the only two copies I've ever run into, this one just recently, at the Austin record convention. Of course, my experience is purely subjective, for all I know your local record shop may be chock full of copies, but it does say something that the record usually goes for decent bucks on Ebay when it pops up.

This is another of Harris' records on Sansu I find a little sonically disappointing. I'd like to think the problem is in the mastering or the pressing rather than the mix, but honestly, I don't know enough to say one way or the other. In short, the problem's not with my copy, this is actually a very nice one [that's why I bought]....as far as I know, they all sound this way.

I should also mention that this rip sounds slightly slower than what you'll hear on most comps. We checked the speed on the turntable with one of those graduated mat thingies and it reads correctly. It's fairly common that recordings are speeded up on comps to give them more "snap".

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. "don't forget your shoes"....one of my faves....

  2. Kind of a "Trick Bag" feeling - but with some serious vocals - this is very hip.

  3. Hey Babe! I didn't know you have a blog. It's awesome! Wack teddie told me about it this morning at the Couch. I haven't seen you in ages. Come by the shop and let me rub your tummy for luck.

  4. Great tune. Got the Soul Perfection plus comp of her work & couldn't hear a difference in the speed though that version has 20secs or so more fade out....but then I spot that your copy calls it I Don't Wanna Hear It' & the CD calls it I Don't Want to Hear It'. Perhaps the CDs grammer was tidied up by a true Englishman.


  5. I have this song on one of the Betty Harris collection I own. I can hardly wait to play them side by side to see if the collection cut is sped up. It's great to have a rip of the original 45. Thank you!