Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wouldn't be so sad and blue....

I'm running behind as usual....

Here's one of King Solomon's bluesier outings. I'm still looking for info on this guy, so if anyone knows anything beyond his discography, please let me know. I'll remind you this is not Solomon King, or [King] Solomon Burke, or King Solomon's someone else. The liner notes on his only album mention that he's from Louisiana, but most of the records look to be out of California. There's a comp out called, "You Ain't Nothing But a Teenager", which might have some info on it, but I'm not gonna buy it just for that. I already own almost every song the man recorded.

Looks like I chose the wrong record to try out my new black background on. Stupid scanner seems to have a mind of it's own lately.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Great tune. I love the touch of Wah Wah throughout the song. I have only heard a couple of his songs before, "The Natural Look" and The Moon Walk". Both posted here at the Singing Bones. And I must say,"If I Were a Strong Man" is my favorite of the three. Thank you!

  2. Ana -

    Thanks to you, I just purchased the above-referenced cd [insert editorial - proof positive: record companies, especially indies, can thrive by understanding & exploiting new business models!] Fear is so darn counterproductive - although sadly on this election eve it seems fear has won over the general populace. Lord help us all.

    Uh - sidetracked. Sorry! Give me a couple of days to get through some high priority seasonal work-related duties (& get over election depression) & I'll summarize the liner notes - which are really fascinating. And long. :-)

  3. Wow...if I'd known the liner notes were good I probably would have sprung for the collection.

    I'd love to see a synopsis...but if that's too much trouble, a copy would do just fine. Might even save ya some trouble.