Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't ya be no square....

I got this record for free from a slightly off-his-nut shop owner. Ya see, I asked to play the 45, and he got furious because the grading he'd written on the sleeve [VG+] didn't exactly match up with what came out of the speakers. More than that, he clearly thought I was questioning his grading by even asking to play it in the first place.

Shoot, I didn't even notice there was anything written on the sleeve [as if that matters anyway], but suddenly it was all-my-fault, and so I was told to take the record and leave the store, now. I tried to pay, but no, I was to take the record and leave. Needless to say, I've never been back.

Too bad, it was a nice little place with reasonable prices. And since then, this record's had a little cloud hanging over it. Which I hate. Chances are I'll give it away when I find a nicer copy.
So, is Edgar Blanchard playing guitar on this cut? I'm probably just missing an obvious reference somewhere, but I've been trying to find out who's playing guitar on the early Bo records for some time. I know it's Blanchard on "Oh Oh", but is that him on the Ace sides as well? Anyone have info to share?

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. YEARS ago I got into an argument about that very same thing with the crazed owner of an eponymous record shop in NOLA....
    I watched him look up the price of a dog-eared and scratched up LP in Goldmine, look at their suggestion of "mint" price of said LP and recite that amount. When I quietly and politely asked about the fairness of that figure he virtually threw me out of the store, which resulted in me not entering the place in over 8 years...down from once a week!

    Later at my own store, and at others I worked at, I made it a policy to explain why something was priced like it was and also give a discount at the same time that reflected the amount the person was spending and/or their customer's called good business / not being an assh*le....

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  4. I know what you mean about some of these record wierdos- They are not musical and they have as much vibe as a reptile as they go on and on about condition and rarity- They forgot to have some fun with the thing...BB

  5. The guitarists (there's two of 'em) on I Love To Rock'n'Roll are Edgar Blanchard and Earl King. Bo's on piano, Melvin Latiste is on trumpet, Lee Allen is on tenor sax, Alvin "Red" Tyler is on baritone or it actually sounds low enough to be a bass sax, Frank Fields on bass and Charles "Hungry" Williams is on drums.

  6. Hound...thanks for the ultra helpful info. What an amazing line-up. Jesus Christ.

    Nice to know I was right to think Blanchard plays on the cut. It's been bugging me for some time that I know so little about who's playing guitar on many of the earlier New Orleans sessions.

    I've been listening for Blanchard's influence since I realized "Hey Bo" is really the same song as Blanchard's "Bopsody in Blue".