Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You'll never get a ring in my nose...

I don't do memorials anymore. As the subheading on the blog says: our mother kills us, our father eats us, we are not in our casket, we are not in the cemetery.

Just in case the quote's not entirely obvious, I meant it as a metaphor for the situation of many lesser known artists. In short, the offended "bones" continue to sing even after death [literal and figurative]...don't they?

Anyway, this tune goes out to Benny Spellman. By all accounts, a good man.

[That's Mr. Spellman doing his well-known basso-profondo bit on this cut]


  1. I Googled you subtitle long ago and it only made me love your blog all the more. Thanks for this subtle but rich tribute to Mr. Spellman.

  2. Thanks ana-b . . .another great track . . .and another great voice gone.

  3. Shazam! A Benny Spellman record I never heard! Thanks again! Sing on Bones, sing on.

  4. Excellent tune. Thank you! Sad to hear about Benny Spellman's passing.