Sunday, June 26, 2011

A brand new peace of mind.....

Blame my obsession with Lee Rogers on Derek See. He's the one who turned me on to the man. So far, I haven't found a tune I don't love.

The discography I have says this 45 is from 1966, but that's gotta be wrong. Simply can't be true. My nose tells me it's from 1968 at the earliest.

Just to make my point about it all being good, I'm throwing in the flip-side for lagniappe.

Hope ya'll enjoy. Fyi, the beginning of "Togetherness" is slightly odd. The record plays as it's supposed to, that's not a skip.


  1. glad I can be of assistance! GREAT track, and I reckon you are correct about the year.

  2. Dude, you're always of assistance. Take it for granted.


    1969 it is...this is the site I usually check. Thankya thankya.

  4. Ana - Thanks for the great music, I play it often on my iPod. I'm almost done with volume 13 of Singing Bones!

  5. hallo from Detroit! just discovered your blog and burned through all the mediafire files and my 5 week old son and I are just loving it! I've always wanted to brush up on some NOLA sides but unfortunately they're a little hard to come by up here in motown, so, CHEERS! I wonder if you might know someone doing something similar from a Detroit perspective. I know, I should be ripping and scanning away but unfortunately just don't have the time or patience. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND EXCELLENT TASTE!!

  6. Anon...if you follow the link on that page to Soulfulkindamusic's Diamond Jim label discography, you'll see that the record is listed as being from 1966. In short, same site, different info.

    Gyro...always a pleasure. Am I really that far along? Amazing.

    Bilderberg...glad you enjoy the blog. Derek See [see comment above] has been known to offer a good number of obscurities from Detroit, although by no means exclusively. But then my blog isn't exclusively New Orleans either. I just happen to own a lot of local records.

  7. You're right, both sides are great. Thank you!