Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dancing little fool....

Careful, this one is dangerous. [Arguably one of the ten most ferocious funk jams never recorded by James Brown]

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Excellent song. Thank you! Do you know the date it was released or recorded?

  2. Jem...good question. Truth is, I don't know. My guess is 1967.

  3. After a lot of digging around online I was only able to find one site that mentioned the release date of this record. It is stated here, , that it was released in 1972. I have no way to verify the accuracy of this. I just wanted to try to find out when, in relation to James Brown's recordings, it came out.

  4. Jem...I've run across similar listings before, but continue to have doubts about the info.

    Ya see, the 70s dating refers to an album by Colt on which the two sides of this 45 were included. It's my feeling that such listings are based on the assumption that the 45 was released at the same time as the album. Which may or may not be true.

    The reason I think it may not be true is that the other pressing of this 45 has an incredibly dorky picture of Colt on the label which is of much earlier vintage than the photo on the album. Years earlier.

    So, if in fact the 45 was released in the 70's it then becomes very hard to understand why that photo was used on the 45. Believe me, the pic does nothing to make him look even remotely cool or hip in a 70's sort of way.

    The album cover photo is totally 70s.

    It's also worth mentioning that the flip-side of this 45, "Take Away" sounds very much like a James Brown ballad circa 1966.

    Chances are I'm wrong, but I've seen enough incorrect dating of even well-known records to give up my own doubts without a thought.

  5. Jem....Looking back over my comment above, I see I'm confused on a few points, but the corrections only support my dating of the 45.

    The album I mentioned did not include the songs from the single as it was released in 1970 on Vanguard.

    "Prior to this album, Colt recorded for the Philadelphia Big Beat label, recording several 45s for them in the late 60s. (Max Collodie)"

  6. Ana, thank you. The 1972 date didn't seem right. I did a little more checking around after reading your comments. I found an image of the 45 with the dorky photo of Colt and one of the album. I believe your initial guess, as to the date of release, is accurate.