Saturday, June 18, 2011

Throw that left leg with pride....

"This is a excellent blog and you do a great job posting good music. That's why the stats are up!"

Thanks for making me smile, Rekkid, but unfortunately it's not true. The recent surge in traffic looks to be the product of a Blogger glitch.

On the up-side, it also looks like the low numbers I was getting the week before the surge were incorrect. As of today, traffic seems reassuringly normal. Referrals from Twilightzone! are showing once again. Even thumbnails of my label scans have reappeared on linked sites after having mysteriously disappeared awhile back.

All in all, I'm pleased. I happen to like my normal traffic numbers. Not too big, not too small....just right.

Is this a pseudonymous Eddie Bo record? Well, Martin Lawrie over at the Soul Generation site says no, that Sonny Jones and Eddie Bo simply sound quite a bit alike. Me? I'm not so sure about that. My ears tell me it's Eddie Bo if for no other reason than the phrasing of the vocals. And to be much more direct about it, I have to say that Sonny Jones sounds very very different. Listen to the records.

Anyway, it's definitely an Eddie Bo produced jam of a high order. One of his best.

Another 45 that plays well in hot weather...

[Oh crap. Dan Phillips posted a marvelous piece on "The Sissy" several hours before I offered up this post. It includes his rip of the same Sonny Jones 45. Ya'll should def check out what Dan has to say, here, 'cause he's totally the man.]


  1. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I love that that's the first thing you hear when you flip the record over. I'm glad you posted both parts. I'd never heard the "Sissy Walk" before. I wish there was a video of Sonny Jones demonstrating the Sissy Walk. No. On second thought it's probably better left to the imagination. Good stuff. Thank you!

  2. You still do a outstanding job !

  3. Rekkid...Thank you for the compliment.

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