Friday, June 17, 2011

Some people...

Something odd is going on.

The month of June was looking to be this blog's worst month, stat-wise, in over nine months. But then, BAM!, literally overnight I'm getting many times my normal amount of traffic for absolutely no reason at all.

Every single day since Wednesday before last, this blog has had far more visitors than my previous best day ever. A couple of days ago, there were 100 page views in one hour. By comparison, I've had plenty of days with 100 page views, but never anything close to that kind of hourly traffic before.

Now comes the really strange part. Twilightzone! has long been a major source of traffic for this blog. Today I check the stats and I've got no referrals from Twilightzone! None. Nada, Zip. This has never ever happened before. In fact, it's an impossibility.

Anyone know what's up?

I've been meaning to post this one for a long time but never seem to get around to it. Shame on me for contributing to the general neglect shown Bobby Powell. The record itself almost always sells for around five bucks, but truthfully, I don't run into lots of copies. I was rather glad to find the one I have.

Some years ago, a nice comp of Powell's Jewel and Whit sides was released called "My Own Thing". I don't often play it these days as I now own all the 45s included, but it's an excellent collection, if you can find a copy.

A killer slow groove, perfect for a warm evening.....

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. A couple of years ago I had a massive spike on Feel It(my one and only). Turned out somebody had Twittered an entry of mine that featured The Nightingales (which had, unknown to me, featured in an early episode of Treme). This is kinda ironic considering where we both stand on Twitter!

    Loving the Bobby Powell track.

    PS: My latest US sourced package (via ebay) contained no less than 4 Ted Taylor 45s. All less than $5. As you say there is often no correlation between price and quality.

  2. This is a excellent blog and you do a great job posting good music.
    That's why the stats are up !

  3. Good tune. Thank you!