Sunday, November 28, 2010

You know what's on my mind....

Been awhile since I pulled out any Lee Dorsey.

Can't say this is the rarest Dorsey 45, but I had a tough time getting my hands on a copy. Fyi, my "toughness" scale has a lot to do with how badly I want the record, and I wanted this one very badly.

This is the funkiest cut off the album "Yes We Can" album everyone should own. It's some of Dorsey's best work, not to mention Mr. Toussaint's. And yeah, certainly some of the Meters were involved, although it's unclear who's playing drums on the album. As I recall, the amazing James Black was called in for some of the sessions.


  1. I love the opening of this tune. The rest of the song is not bad either. Great stuff. Thank you!
    I will definitely search out the album.

  2. One of my favorite Dorsey/Toussaint jams!

  3. Joe....Mine too. I saw you posted the song recently as part of a mix, hope you don't mind that I featured it.

  4. Ana, this is so _very_ awesome, thank you!

    That can't possibly be a sitar .... ???!!!

  5. Holly...that's Leo Nocentelli of the Meters playing guitar through some kind of effect peddle. He did the same on several other songs recorded around the same time. Off the top of my head, I know there are touches of the sitar effect on Eldridge Holmes' "Pop Popcorn Children". It's particular noticeable at the crazy-ass bridge on that tune.

  6. that could very well be a Coral Electric Sitar being played. It was an instrument designed by Vinnie Bell for coral guitars can hear it as well on B.J.Thomas` "Hooked On a Feeling" or the Box Top`s "Cry Like a Baby".

    1. Thanks for the info Tut....if you're lucky, you learn something new every day.