Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don't usually go for jokey records, but this one's less obnoxious than some, in fact it's pretty amusing. Funky too, otherwise I wouldn't bother, would I?

Usually you see this record on the X-Spect-Mo label. I have no idea what this issue on Gossip Tree is about, it's the only one I've run across. Perhaps it's a later pressing, or a bootleg?

Joe Cobb was a Chicago DJ. I seem to recall that he made some other recordings, but I don't remember anything more than that.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. I take novelty records very seriously myself. This ones a keeper.

  2. Good choice! I love this track - i have it on x-spect-mo but have never heard of gossip tree - cool find...

  3. Jeff...I've nothing against novelty records, it's minstrelsy that turns my stomach. I don't care who's involved, it's an abomination.

  4. Hey Duncan...since I posted this 45 I've received an email saying that the Gossip Tree pressing is the original issue. I'm taking this news with a large dose of salt until it's confirmed.

  5. Now I know what the L.B. is. Thank you!