Sunday, November 7, 2010

C'mon and give it to me...

What a beautiful day. A high in the low 60's, but bright and clear outside. Positively chilly for this part of the world.

Yesterday, there was a neighborhood party more officially known as the Mirliton Festival. Which is an intended joke. In case ya'll don't know, a mirliton is a very ordinary looking squash-like thing. They really don't taste like much unless you combine 'em with something flavorful like shrimp or tasso. My mom always has a few plants in her back yard. As kids we used set 'em out in the street for the cars to hit.

Anyway, it was a nice low-key event. Lots of food. Cold beer and wine for those allowed to drink such things. And music. We got there about the time Kermit Ruffins started playing. All that was missing was a contest to see who could throw a mirliton the farthest.
"No one is quite sure who Roy Ward was, [Eddie] Bo says that he doesn't recall, but personally I think its safe to assume that Roy Ward was simply Bo in the studio with the Bobby Williams Group laying down yet another raw funk instrumental heavy on the rhythm section."

So sayeth Martin Lawrie over at the Soul Generation site. And I think he's probably correct, but I did run into something recently where Roy Ward was mentioned in passing as if he was a real person. Which makes me wonder, because the source being quoted was a guy who used to play with Earl Stanley and the Stereo's [who were, of course, renamed Roger and the Gypsies on their own outing with Bo].

There's one other thing that nags at me about this record. I'm not sure I think that's Eddie Bo doing the vocal bit, even though the scream at the beginning sounds familiar. But if it's not Bo, then who is it?

I'm only posting Part 1 because Part 2 is the exact same track without the added vocal. While I can't brag that my rip is necessarily the best, this is taken from a near mint copy of the 45. The smudges on the label are "offsets" from when the labels were stacked after printing.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Thanks again Ana - I never heard this cool tune!

  2. WOW!
    Never heard too, couldn't help adding it to my latest mixtape!
    Many thanks, love your blog.
    Mighty 45

  3. I love the title of this song. Sounds great too. Thank you!