Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get on your ding-a-ling...

I meant to feature the other side of this 45 but Sir Shambling's already got it posted along with some pertinent info and a few other cuts by Billy Mack as well, here. Not that this side is bad, in fact it's the funkier of the two, it's just that the man was a natural born deep soul singer, and the other side is a killer example of that style. Sir Shambling has every right to be in awe.

As is pointed out on the Shambling site, this 45 is exactly the same as a record on the Tina label. While I don't know enough to say for sure, I suspect the two records may have been issued fairly close together in time. That said, this pressing on Miss Betty has the Tina release number etched in the run-out, which as far as I'm concerned means the Tina issue was released first.

Shambling fails to mention that Billy Mack aka Willy MacDougal [yes indeed, it's his real name] also recorded as Little Mack, as in Little Mack & the Boss Sounds. Oddly enough for such a great singer, the Little Mack single on Atlantic is an instrumental on one side and uses a female lead on the other. Still, that's clearly him trying to rip the keys off the organ on their cover of "In The Midnight Hour".....sounding much the same as he does during the break on this side.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Excellent tune. Great vocals and I love the organ playing here. Thank you! Also, thanks for the link to Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven.

  2. Jem....I should have made more of a fuss about the organ playing in the post, it's amazing.