Sunday, November 21, 2010

From 5 o'clock, in the early evening.....

I got a box of records from Austin yesterday, there was even a little surprise inside [thanks a bunch darlin'].

I found this 45 in a shop when I was last in Austin for the record convention. I'd already spent my budget by that time, so I had a friend put it on "layaway" for me. Given that my friend and I send records back and forth on a regular basis, it only makes good sense to wait until there's a nice sized stack. It saves on the postage, but it also means sometimes you gotta wait. On the other hand, it's totally awesome to get eight or ten records all at once in the mail.

This is a nice copy. So nice, I had my friend check it against his beat up old 45 just to make sure it's not one of the many Excello re-pops. It may not be exactly mint, but jeeze, the thing is 55 years old, she's lucky to be around at all, much less looking as good as she does.

As I recall, this was a fair sized hit in it's day.....and then of course Hank Ballard and James Brown got a hold of it later on and made the version most of you are probably familiar with.

Hope ya'll the label sez, that's Earl Gaines singing .


  1. I love it! What a great sax break. I have never heard this before. Thank you!

  2. ...& to my ears, along with Roscoe Gordon & perhaps others, the beat provided the inspiration for Ska? Nice tune


  3. are indeed very close to the bone with that comment.