Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just get up out of your seats...

I love this kind of record. Cheap, not that hard to find, absolutely kills on the dance floor. With some slight speed adjustment you can sandwich any number of records between the two sides....Don Covay's "Sookie Sookie" being a favorite in that regard.

I'm probably just showing my ignorance here, but I'm only aware of one other record by Jimmy Graham. It's also on the Revue label and not nearly as funky as this.

A record to pull out when people say they don't dance. From 1968....


  1. hi, nice blog! stumbled across it via derek's daily 45. i'll come back and explore when i've got more time. you might like my own wee blog over at:


  2. Hiya Duncan...nice blog you've got there, I'm surprised I haven't run across it before.

    I just added it to the blogroll.

  3. Lovely 7in, and yes, Covay w/b an awesome segue :-)

  4. I'm dancing at the keyboard right now. Great stuff. Thank you!

  5. Also, Scratchynoise blog looks great. Thank you!