Friday, September 24, 2010

You mean all the world to me...

A quick one, while I have a few minutes to spare.

When I first started picking up Frisco label 45's they were dirt cheap and consequently I bought all I could find. The vast majority fall into the category of "little" records. Ya know, records which never really had a chance at becoming hits, but are still at least somewhat interesting and even occasionally amazing. In short, the kind of records collectors covet. Which explains why the prices on some Frisco 45's have increased a good bit since I bought my copies.

This single was produced by David Porter and Issac Hayes, certainly one of the greatest production teams ever. In fact, they penned the tune as well. But that doesn't mean Frisco owners Hal Atkins and Connie LaRocca had the money to pay Porter and Hayes for top-notch work. As with other releases on Frisco, the production isn't exactly sparkling. Nor, for that matter, is the song itself.

Danny White gets all the credit for pulling this one off. The man had a way of hitting the top end of his [very limited] register so hard it makes you wonder if he didn't sprain himself. Not exactly subtle, but totally effective.

Anyway, it took me awhile to cozy up to this record. Now it grabs me every time.

Hope ya'll enjoy.....

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  1. Very nice. The background vocals are amazing. Thank you!