Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No, he don't...

Another of the little treasures to be found on the Golden label out of Baton Rouge.

I've been doing my best to dig up info on Lil Willie, but with minimal success. The thing is, there's a small tantalizing clue which points to him being an artist known under another name, but it's little more than a theory at this point. In short, I have no proof, only what my ears tell me is a possibility.

If anyone wants to play amateur detective on this one, please, be my guest. I'd be thrilled if someone came to the same conclusion as I. Basically, all anyone has to work with is the info on the record label. Even amongst those who may have heard the recording before, I would think far fewer have ever seen the actual record.

Hope ya'll enjoy.......the date on this is probably 1971


  1. I've been doing a little research yesterday.
    The only concrete result of my research is that Lil Willie on Golden is probably the same artist who recorded another single for the Dollamar label, backed by the Imperials, a very obscure (Louisiana?) label.

    Despite the assertion of Sir Shambling, I do believe that is the same band (but perhaps a different vocalist?). Not from the early sixties, like it is said, but from 1967 (pressed by Rite Records of Cincinnati).

    Hoping that you'll share your own conclusion with us,


  2. Hey Bob, I'm glad to see you're poking around, but I have to say that I think I agree with Sir Shambling....that it's not the same group, certainly not the same lead singer.

    I've never heard of the Dollamar label, but if the single was pressed by Rite wouldn't that tend to point to a midwest origin?

    Btw, I've just linked to your Dead Wax blog. It's a wonderful blog. I've visited there many times and the fact that I haven't linked to it before is purely an oversight on my part.


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