Monday, September 13, 2010

Time is getting shorter....

Larry Grogan is reporting that Diamond Joe Maryland is dead. How very sad. And perhaps even sadder is that many huge fans [myself included] had no idea he was still alive. Horrible really. There was never a lot known about him in the first place, would that someone had hooked up with him before now. As Larry says in his piece, "Until I saw the picture posted with his obit (seen above) I had no idea what he looked like."

Anyway, Larry wrote a very moving piece for Diamond Joe and ya'll should go check it out here if you haven't already.

Now, I own the same Diamond Joe records Larry does [unless he's sitting on a copy of the mythical "Too Many Pots"]. So I thought I'd post a few of the tunes Larry neglected [and that I haven't already posted and was meaning to].

My heartfelt condolences to Diamond Joe's family....


  1. Ana- Thanks for your excellent blog.Feel free to post anything that's already at Funky16 Corners. While it is an fine blog for music information, the rips are at 128 stereo. I appreciate your rips at 255 stereo, I can hear a big difference in sound. After all, isn't this about the music? Thanks again.

  2. At least if it is in 128, then it should be ripped in mono if it is in fact a 60's mono soul record - the sound would be better and the file would be small.

  3. Gyro...thanks for your kind words. Although I don't always succeed, I do try to make my rips sound as good as I can.

    The way I've done them has changed over time, and occasionally I post an older rip, but at this point they should be 255 vbr...mono, not stereo.

  4. A singer & singles to treasure, thanks for waking up my ears to him whenever it was. Now here's hoping some record company collects all the A & B sides together on one CD or on vinyl. I'd be in the queue for that.


  5. I'd always hoped that one day Diamond Joe would find his way back to the stage, I dreamed of a triumphant Ponderosa Stomp gig.....I asked around about him over the years, after happening upon the 45 to "Gossip Gossip"....heard a few times he was homeless. I hope that was untrue and he passed amongst family peaceably....

  6. Colby...As I understand it, there was family...