Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hot, funky, and sweaty...

Time, once again, to thank those of you who bother to comment on the blog. I consider your comments small personal gifts.

I'm especially pleased that those comments have been universally polite, interesting, and friendly in tone. This goes a long way towards making my job easier. I honestly don't know how I'd react if someone decided to harass me for either the records I post or some of the silly things I write. Most likely my [terrible] temper would get the better of me and I'd end up making a monstrous fool of myself.

And ya know, I think that's worth restating because I do write some silly things here, I do sometimes post obvious records, and thus consider myself an easy target for those who might not be won over by my sparkling personality and formidable intellectual prowess. [cough, cough]

Ya know, most of all, I consider this blog an exercise in generosity...a quality I figure I need to cultivate. My thanks to all of you for showing me how it's done. Generosity of spirit cuts both ways.
This one's for Derek See, one of the most generous bloggers out there...

It's a re-press of a record I will never own. The only original copy I've seen at auction went for over $800. Wanna know the funny thing about my copy? may have only cost $5, but when I play it, people dance.

Eddie Bo was involved in the making of the record, the a-side is a cover of the Meters', Cissy Strut....the b-side's a funky vocal thang....both sides feature the amazing drumming of James Black.

Don't know who James Black is? Check this out.


  1. You guys are both awesome for sharing all this great music. Normally i'm more of a rock guy, but i get into a little bit of everything. I love discovering new old sounds.
    You and Derek both have hipped me to so much music that i never would have heard before.
    I'll listen to this stuff forever, and i'll never forget where it came from, i wish i could thank you both in person.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks thanks thanks again.

  2. Ana -

    As a fellow Derek fan (in fact, I found your site via his blog) - thank you.

    Oh yeah - you're frigging amazing, too :-)

  3. Great tune. Might be worth the $800 but I'll go your route and shell the 5 bucks!

  4. I love this stuff you've been posting, just let it coming Ana!!!

    The Vin label is at the moment to be posted, I know you like that too.

    Take care,


  5. Thanks ya'll for the lovely and in the past as well.

    Perrata...I don't know that I could enjoy a record worth that much. I'd probably be afraid to play it.

    RecordCollector, thanks once again for the heads-up. I'll look and see if I have anything to add.

  6. I'm constantly amazed by the generosity of yourself & many others taking the time to share these nuggets. Course not everything posted does it for me but I'm as grateful to find out which artists don't interest me so I don't have to hunt down yet another LP/CD that won't get played. Since the record shops closed online retailers want you to make a decision about every purchase based on a 30 sec sample.

    Now this Soul Lifters single wouldn't need 30 secs to make a decision......Very nice.


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  8. ughhh I'm having all sorts of problems with managing comments this morning...I lost one, then it it's gone again...

  9. There we go...just wanted to say that I'm a glad ya like the tune J.

    Thanks a bunch for the lovely note...