Monday, March 8, 2010

Some people live in make believe...

Yeah, I know....this is the third version of this song I've posted.

But, I've got to say, if any version can go toe to toe with Earl King's Imperial 45, it's this one.

The record isn't exactly rare, but it is the hardest to find of the four singles Robinson cut for Leiber and Stoller. Most copies I see are beat to hell and and will run ya around $15.

Fortunately, I happen to own a very nice copy...hope ya enjoy.

[btw, that killer guitar work is probably by Robinson himself]


  1. You're right on both counts. It IS a great record and, unfortunately for me, is rare as hell.

  2. Loves me some "Shine, " thanks!

  3. Hi Ana -

    third version? I only have the pre-Imperial Earl King you posted ... what am I missing?

    BTW, this is great :-)

  4. Sorry Ana - I'm brain dead & totally forgot about 'Come On'. Mea Culpa!