Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All you did was break my heart, and make my finger turn green...

Poor Deacon John Moore, so talented and so very few records released.

This 45 was issued under the name Johnny Moore, which was possibly one of the stupidest ideas ever. Not only were there at least two other fairly well known recording artists already using the name, but even Moore's fans in New Orleans didn't buy the record, just because they didn't recognize their own hometown boy.

Too bad, it's a great two-sider that really should have produced a hit.

It's worth mentioning the sound on this side of the 45. It's screwy. Not just on this copy, but on all copies. I'm not quite sure what happened, maybe the original tape was damaged?....maybe something bizarre happened during mastering?...whatever.

Such a shame, the sound throughout is far more murky than on the flip.....and then the recording inexplicably speeds up during the last 12 seconds or so. That last bit is strange enough to make you wanna check your turntable's speed control.

Hope ya enjoy, it's one of my favorites.

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  1. Another golden treasure you put up, thanks Ana.