Saturday, March 27, 2010

I got news for ya baby...

Ruby Johnson's yet another artist who really should have been a bigger star than she was. Girlfriend had major league pipes. It's shocking that Stax/Volt only issued three singles given what they had in the vaults.

If you've never heard the comp "Ruby Johnson: I'll Run Your Hurt Away" you should go immediately to Amazon and buy a copy. It's one of the finest soul collections I know of. It includes all six of Johnson's sides on Volt plus 14 other unreleased cuts. And those unreleased songs aren't just the usual alternate takes and such, they're polished recordings of the same quality as the regular releases. I guarantee it, you'll be amazed.

It's said that Johnson quit recording because she didn't feel her voice lent itself to the more funky style then coming into vogue....but I sometimes wonder, did she really stop?

Hope ya like...

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  1. I add my hear hear to that CD recommendation. The song 'When My Love Comes Down' especially. Wow! Extraordinary.