Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shake a hand...

Anyone out there have info on Jeannie Dee? The word amongst my friends is that there are only two singles, this one and another on Musicor which shares the same b-side. But I've also heard second hand that there are a couple of other 45' titles or labels were mentioned.

That's it, that's all I've got. Seems strange to me that there would be so little info available on someone with such a killer voice.

The song, "Shake A Hand", was an early R&B hit for Faye Adams. You can hear her original version here. It has, of course, been covered by numerous folks, including Elvis.



  1. I Found these:

    living for today/Should I - GUESS 203003/4
    Come into my arms/ - BEACON 115

    12 tracks, Sylvatone recs., 1984, STON 8405

  2. Hey Albert...That's excellent!

    So, there are four singles on four different labels, and an album on a fifth. I've actually seen the album before, but it never clicked that it was her. The record's not very highly thought of.

    Hah!, I was so sure there were only two singles I never bothered look on Gemm [how stupid of me]. The 45's on Beacon and Guess are both available for not much money.

    Thanks again...


  3. You're welcome Ana, and I love to help ;)


  4. Hi there. She recorded a good version of Come See 'Bout Me that was included on the Let's Copp A Groove album.
    Thanks for sharing all this great music. It's enormously appreciated.
    Good things, JWW

  5. Thanks for the info Wilfofhove, it's much appreciated.

    Glad you're enjoying what ya means a lot that folks like yourself bother to drop a note.

    Thanks for stopping in..