Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sure lookin' good to me...

I'm sick, have been since Monday. All brain activity monitors should be reset to 'micro' levels.

The Austin record convention was a little disappointing. There were half as many vendors as usual [by decree], with most 45 dealers opting to go to the show in Allentown PA. [scheduled the same weekend].

I'm not knockin' the organizers or really even the event itself. In some ways the convention was nicer than it has been in the past, it was just small. A problem which should be remedied when the show opens at a new location next fall.

Anyway, none of this really mattered as I could probably find records in Antarctica....and Austin ain't no Antarctica. Half of what I bought came from local shops.

Recently, I had my radar re-tuned to pick up on King Solomon's funkier 45's.....blip blip blip, I located this beauty within 5 minutes of coming into range.

Hope ya like....


  1. I've been sick since Tuesday. Sort of operational again now but bodily functions still erratic.

    This track cheered me up though.

  2. Ah shoot Hon, hope you're feeling better soon.


  3. Sweet track! Thanks. W.