Monday, March 8, 2010

Shake your twister!

I love records like this. The flip is a more or less standard blues tune with some very tasty vibrato-heavy guitar work, while on this side the boys work up a funky little dance tune.

I usually know something about the records I post [even if I don't always post info], but in this case I know absolutely nothing. Anyone out there have any info on the label or the artist?

Hope ya enjoy....


  1. Thanks,maybe you can post also the other side with heavy-vibrato guitar work???
    many thanks
    The Candyman

  2. I know it's also released on the F-M label, a Chicago based label (F-M 748), or actually it's the most common pressing. J. L Smith released some other 45's: Your Love Sets Me On Fire/Keep Loving on BLACK FOOT 9760, Come Dance With Me/Tears Won't Help on A-1 DUD 4709.

  3. Sure thing Candyman, but it may take me a week or so to get it up...I haven't ripped the flip side yet and that's something I tend to do in batches.

    Thanks a bunch RecordCollector, I thought the record might be out of I've a list of more 45's to look for. Excellent.


  4. Thanks for the ripping efforts. You do a great job audio-wise, these rips sound terrific!

  5. Thanks Jer.Eps, I do my best....sometimes it works out better than others.

    I think some folks would be surprised at how many variables come into play when you're ripping a record. It is not a 'mechanical' process, that is, not for me it isn't. I'm often switching equipment/programs around trying to get better sound out of a specific record.