Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm gonna teach ya what it's all about......

I'm almost certain that the Isaac Clark who sings on this record is now the Rev. Isaac Clark who sings lead with the very fine gospel group, The Christian Brothers. I believe he's associated with the Loving Four Baptist Tabernacle up by MLK and Claiborne.

Interesting if true, because Rev. Clark was the man quoted as saying, in a very famous AP story published on Sept. 1, 2005, "We are out here like pure animals. We don't have help." He was at the New Orleans Convention Center at the time along with 15 to 20 thousand other people. The dead bodies were, of course, out front under blankets.

As I recall, it was the day before President Bush did his infamous fly-over of New Orleans....and a few weeks before St. Louis Cathedral could be sufficiently "Disneyfied" with the addition of a huge black backdrop and specially brought-in generators and spotlights so that Bush could finally descend from heaven and make his official speech to the nation while the rest of the city was without electricity, water, food......

For that matter, wasn't that the day when Condoleeza Rice was filmed shopping for very expensive shoes in Atlanta?

Sorry ya'll, I really shouldn't have read the old AP report. I'm angry enough as it is.

While I can't say this makes a great deal of obvious sense, I'd like to dedicate this tune to the recent crop of pandering, self-serving, proto-fascist shit-bags competing for the Republican presidential nomination.

If nothing else, it amuses me to do so.

I'd like to think Rev. Clark would get a good belly laugh as well.

Hope ya'll enjoy........


  1. Very well spoken, ana-b. No backin' down and no flip floppin'.

  2. I agree, Ana. It's good to see these sentiments bursting onto this blog. We can't go on with business as usual as if this kind of insanity weren't happening all around us.

    1. My advice is: take it for granted that anyone who digs deeply into soul/funk/RnB/blues/gospel is [at heart] a leftist [as opposed to a liberal].

      I've yet to find a single exception.

    2. Well, hail yes. I'd say that's about true. And it seems a lot of folks that are heavy into country are so far right they're about to fall off the flat little earth they live on. . . . Except: I really dig country too, so have I got the "acute schizophrenia paranoia blues"? Nah . . . my heart's still pink as it's always been. . . . (I hope!)

      By the way, I heard Woody Guthrie's "Mean Talking Blues" today; it could be the GOP theme song for this season.

    3. I was rather expecting a right-wing soul fan to pop up after my wild generalization. To be clearer, I actually mean those who dig very deeply into funk/soul/blues/jazz etc....those who see it as a personal ground zero of music [as opposed to say RnR].

      I too like my country music.

  3. Ooh I love that word leftist, reminds you your among friends. You just don't hear it enough these days. Even the party I still end up voting for here in the UK, that once were proud to call themselves Socialists now can't wait for the right wing parties to shift further rightwards so they can jump onto & occupy the position recently vacated. Obscene. what were we saying about music?


  4. It amuses us all, 'cept for the shit-bags and their bag-holders. The revolution may not be televised, but it will sure as hell have djs......

    1. Glad you got a chuckle out of it.

      Btw, this is the 45 I mentioned some time ago concerning the 21st Century Recording Studio. Check the label.

  5. Nice bit of politics - Hi J from the UK, I'm up in Scotland so I have a slightly different political landscape up here.

    When I was over, I was quite shocked at how casually people in America could drop god and/or racism into a conversation with a total stranger.