Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Chief holler.....

I'd never heard this recording until Dan Phillips posted it several years ago. Unfortunately, I misread his piece at the time and was left with the impression that it was only available on the "Riding High" album....or, as Dan presented it, on an apparently quite rare 7in jukebox Ep.

Now, the album was fairly easy to find, but trying to find that Ep was like chasing a ghost. In fact, no one I checked with had ever heard of it. Very very frustrating.

Then, last year Larry Grogan posted the same tune on his blog....and lo and behold, there it was, ripped from a 45 single.

Seriously folks, I'm not usually so stupid. The 45 release is listed on numerous discographies......all I had to do was look at one to see that the record was the Dixie Cups' first single on ABC-Paramount. In fact, Dan's original piece says as much if I'd ever bothered to re-read it.

Ugh. I probably would've found the single several years ago if I hadn't so insistently pestered everyone for a copy of the Ep.

Anyway, you can read Dan's original piece, here, and Larry's post, here. As a bonus, you get to [re]read Larry's hilarious take-down of last years Grammys, which is of course just as valid this year.

Btw, the question I asked a year ago in a comment on Larry's piece is still unanswered. Has anyone ever seen or heard Huey Smith's "Two Way Pockaway Part 1/Part 2" on Instant 3297 from 1969? Nobody I know has a copy and as far as I can tell it's never been released on Cd.

Hope ya'll enjoy.......


  1. Thanks, Ana. The best sound quality I've heard anywhere. Marie

    1. Thanks Marie....I do try, even if I'm not always successful.