Monday, February 20, 2012

We got the whiskey tonight....

Quite possibly the silliest song ever written, "We Got A Party" nonetheless cuts very close to the Mardi Gras bone. Actually, the official Mardi Gras song, "If I Ever Cease To Love", climbs pretty far up the 'silly' list as well.

She can sing, she can play on the piano,
She can jump, she can dance, she can run.
For she's a wonderful girlie,
She's all of them rolled into one.
I adore her beauty, she's like an angel dropped from above

May the fish get legs, and the cows lay eggs,
If ever I cease to love,

If I ever cease to love,
If I ever cease to love,
May we all turn into cats and dogs,
If I ever cease to love.

Anyway, as you can probably imagine, we do have a party going on. There are six house guests this year along with the usual crowd floating in and out. And as if on cue, there's my Dad at the door with what looks like a mess of boiled crawfish. Excellent.

In years past I would have been running on very little sleep at this point.....absolutely would have stayed up all night partying tonight....but no more. My Boy and I have a big shindig to attend after the parades this evening, but I'm hoping to slip out sometime before midnight. That's so we can get up nice and early, catch the parades as they roll down St. Charles Ave.

We're not going anywhere near the Quarter/Marigny/Bywater tomorrow. I'll miss strolling with the Society of St. Anne, but truthfully, I'm about ready for Carnival to end. Which is a good thing 'cause it means we did it up right.

Big respect to those who can keep the party going till midnight tomorrow. I've just never been one of them. Not even before I had my daughter. Not after the weekend that always precedes.

After the parades tomorrow morning we'll have a nice lunch at my sis' and then, hopefully, a long afternoon nap. That's my own personal Mardi Gras tradition.

Hope ya'll enjoy...Pt.1, Pt.2.


  1. Might be silly lyrics, but this crazy song sure put a smile on my face. Thanks, Ana! Marie

  2. Thanks Ana for the fine music here.

  3. For my money those Party Boys grabbed hold of the true Mardi Gras spirit with this slice of nice noise.